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Updates To My Monochromatic Makeup

Updates To My Monochromatic Makeup

For those who enjoy a minimal, “cool girl” makeup look – or those who leave their makeup to the very last minute (no judgment) going monochromatic can be an ingenious choice. Monochromatic makeup involves matching the colour of your eyes, cheeks, and lips. You can be sure your makeup looks minimal but noticeably subtle but undeniably polished. And the real trick to monochromatic makeup? Finding single products that can work all around the face. Not only will you ensure your makeup is both quick and cohesive, but you can minimize your makeup bag, too!

A new favourite of mine for this multi-use tip is the Ilia Color Haze Multi-Use Pigment. This has a slightly thick, whipped texture, making it incredibly easy to apply and blend using fingers. The shades are all designed to be flattering on the eyes, lips, and cheeks, too. My favourite is Waking Up, a soft warm nude that is barely there but makes all the difference.


Another favourite is the Make Beauty Universal Stick in Bisou Bisou. Stick products are amazing for quick or on-the-go applications. The stunning burnt red shade of this one gives a sunkissed, rosy vibe to cheeks and lips. I use it on the eyes too, for a soft wash or warm definition in the crease.

The Superfluid Lip & Cheeks are a similar concept (a twist-up stick of juicy pigment) with a wider shade variety. I love Coral and Red. Coral in particular when it’s dabbed onto the eyelids and tops of the cheekbones for a ‘60s summery look. It fulfils all of my Snow White fantasies.

For those who enjoy something sheenier, the new Diega Dalla Palma Chub Blushes are incredible, too. They combine a wash of blendable colour with the reflection of a cheek or lip gloss. They never feel sticky, either, and fade away on eyes, cheeks, or lips to leave a flattering sheer stain.

Monochromatic Makeup Stains

Another stain favourite is the Noto Botanics Multi Benne Stain Stick – particularly in their newest shade, Genet. If you like the look of a red-wine mouth, look no further. I enjoy dabbing this in the centre of my lips with a finger and then applying any excess to cheeks and lids. It’s pigmented, so can be used with caution. Oh, and that incredible herbal-mint scent is ideal for sticky summer days.

If you favour a liquid over a stick product, the OG has to be Glossier Cloud Paint. Although these are touted as blushes, I find they work well to add a wash of colour to lips and eyelids too. Dusk is the perfect do-it-all shade for days when you have little to offer in the way of effort, but don’t want to go totally bare-faced.

A recent Cloud Paint alternative I’ve been loving is the Flower Beauty Blush Bombs. These are similar in packaging, but have a slightly shinier, dewier finish which I enjoy, particularly on sweatier summer days. The shade Pinched is a perfect neutral shade for adding a hint of definition and flush. I find the pastel pink Bubbly to be surprisingly flattering on both cheeks and eyelids. It gives a super-cute, girly, doll-like look without being overly sickly. 

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Bronzers & Contours

If blush isn’t your bag, though, you can achieve a monochromatic makeup look in bronzer and contour tones, too. The Fenty Beauty Match Stix are ideal for eyes and cheeks and comes in a huge range of colours. They dry to a rather matte, almost powdery finish. So, if you prefer something dewier, I’d recommend the Westman Atelier Face Trace Contour Stick. This is luxurious (with the price tag to match) but offers the perfect wash of colour to give cheekbone and eyelid definition in seconds.

For a glowy, lit-from-within monochromatic vibe, I’ve been a huge fan of the Noto Botanics Gold Glow Stick this summer. This can be dabbed onto cheeks, eyelids, brow bones, inner corners, and cupid’s bows to give a hint of golden gleam that’s perfect for warmer weather.

And if you’re not a fan of cream or liquid products, never fear. I can equally enjoy a powder product for monochromatic looks. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer looks stunning on the eyelids as it does with a fluffy brush across the face. Lastly, Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed is the perfect powder shade for definition. It defines the eyes, cheeks, and even the lip line, without ever really looking like you’re wearing makeup at all.

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