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Beyond A Love Of Fashion: Interior Design

Now that the Barbie movie has been released, have you thought about what you would…

How To Deal With the Limbo Between University and the Real World

I am coming to the end of my time at university. With only a couple…

What You Need To Know Before Watching the Idol

Everything you know about the idol before watching it

Weird Fucks by Lynne Tillman

Weird Fucks, first published in 1980 and long fallen out of print, made a comeback onto the literary scene thanks to Peninsula Press.

Queen Charlotte: The New Bridgerton Show Will Melt Your Heart

Bridgerton has been one of the most-watched TV shows since its debut in 2020. Millions of…

Astrology And Horoscope Dates May Actually Surprise You

In defence of astrology girls.

An image of a woman in a car posing like a girl boss.

Your Favourite Girlboss May Not Be The Best Feminist

At the heart of girl bossing is individual gain and capital profit; it does not symbolise feminist success.

Speed Dating

Speed Dating? Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about speed dating.

The Truth About the Toilet Seat Debate

The toilet seat debate should not exist

Being the Victim of Ghosting and How to Reject It

Being the victim of ghosting generates questions.

Dating Really Is The Wildest Thing Ever Invented

Help me. I’m tired.