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Yes! Jordan Roth Is Now On The Best Dressed List at the Met Gala

Yes! Jordan Roth Is Now On The Best Dressed List at the Met Gala


One thing I cannot stand about the Met Gala is when male guests attend in a plain, simple, black tuxedo. The male guests to this prestigious event tend to completely disregard the theme. However, this year some of their choices pleasantly surprised me. Maybe it was due to the theme or a general change in the attitudes towards men’s fashion on red carpets. But, the men really brought it this year.

Taika Waititi

Met Gala 2023 Choice: Prabal Gurung

Taika Waititi was one of the best dressed on this year’s carpet because he did not do what was expected. With the theme of this year’s event being Karl Lagerfeld, I was afraid that we would see a lot of men attending dressed as Karl Lagerfeld rather than taking inspiration from his work. Taika Waititi’s look was far from this. The longline suit jacket was chic and streamlined. Strings of pearls and a black corsage to honour Lagerfeld perfectly accessorised it.

Robert Pattinson

Met Gala 2023 Choice: Dior

Robert Pattinson took to the Met steps with girlfriend Suki Waterhouse, and the couple looked amazing. Pattinson also opted for a long-line jacket for his suit, but he had an asymmetric twist. It was this design decision that felt like an ode to Lagerfeld. One side of the coat is delicately draped in a very reminiscent way of Lagerfeld’s work. This, combined with the broach that donned Pattinson’s neck, was a subtle tribute to the late designer’s work.

Bad Bunny

Met Gala 2023 Choice: Jacquemus

Bad Bunny is undoubtedly making a name for himself in the fashion industry, and the Met Gala was the perfect opportunity to solidify this position. The all-white look from Jacquemus was one of our favourites from the night. While the look was monochromatic, it played with texture in ways that made up for any lack of colour. The use of texture completely negated the need for any colour within the look. Honouring Lagerfeld in the suit’s use of tweed and its single-breasted silhouette, Jacquemus designed a look of tailoring dreams. The highlight of this outfit was the elaborate floral train that flowed behind Bad Bunny as he made his way up the Met steps.

Jeremy Pope

Met Gala 2023 Choice: Balmain

If there is one thing that the Met Gala loves, it is a good cape. From Rihanna’s 2015 Guo Pei gown to Lady Gaga’s theatrical entrance in 2019, those steps are just asking for an extravagant train. This year’s showstopping cape came from Jeremy Pope, who wore a 30-foot chiffon train that featured Karl Lagerfeld’s famous side profile. 

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Jordan Roth

Met Gala 2023 Choice: Schiaparelli

Jordan Roth stuck to the Met’s theme in a much more discrete way, but the look itself was far from subtle. Roth opted for a Schiaparelli gown that took the shape of a fan, one of Lagerfeld’s signature accessories. The glittering gown was a good change from the usual red-carpet suits (not that we would ever see Jordan Roth in something so plain) and also allowed us to see a more abstract interpretation of Lagerfeld’s legacy. One of the most exciting elements of this year’s Met Gala was seeing how other designers interpreted Karl and integrated it with their styles; Jordan Roth’s look with Schiaparelli was a perfect example. 

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