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Long Coats To Look Out For This Season

Long Coats To Look Out For This Season

Even though the weather suggests that we favour function and warmth over fashion… we don’t have to give in! 

One of the best ways to stay warm and cosy while maintaining your fashionable outerwear flair is to find yourself the perfect long coat for the colder seasons. Not only are they absolutely perfect for keeping you toasty, but they’re also one of the most simple and easy methods of pulling your outfit together. Therefore, what could possibly be better than discovering that ultimate favourite long coat? With that in mind, here are a few of the styles that we have all been loving recently to help you begin your search.

Get The Leather Look

Now, starting off with a bang. The leather coat has been beloved by everyone for years. Despite the usual go-to being the perfect short or cropped little leather number, the leather trench coat can out-shine them all. In order for you to truly embody your Matrix dreams, pair one with some dark sunglasses and strut your way through your day.

ASOS is an excellent and affordable place to get your coat. If you are concerned about being cold, there are lots of lined options which can remove that issue from your mind. However, we all know just how deceivingly warm a leather jacket is. Whether you choose real leather or faux leather, it is paramount that you have one of these in your winter wardrobe.

Into The Trenches

Next, we have a coat that needs no introduction. The famous classic trench. Whether it be Burberry or any other make, both men and women have been rocking this iconic look for years. The superior style of the trench coat makes any outfit look positively flawless. This archetypal coat in its classic shade of beige is easy to partner with any outfit. On top of all of this, it is also ideal for layering as an overcoat on top of your favourite blazer or jacket which you would usually hide away from the cold.

Wrap It Up

For the sophisticated look that always seems polished, opt for a wrap, belted or cinched coat. This ultra-feminine style is flattering on anyone and everyone. The coat cinches in your waist to give you the ever sought-after hourglass figure as you walk around town.

Nothing says sophistication more than a chic long belted coat. This version is also perfect for those more refined occasions, functioning almost as a look in and of itself when paired with heels.

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Puffer Up

Recently, designers have absolutely been adoring the puffer jacket in every style imaginable. As this love for the style has extended, so has the length of the jackets, giving us the long puffer coat. This coat is ideal for anyone wishing for a warmer style. Those trusty puffers that we all know and love for their cosy warmth that makes you feel like you are being hugged, have only gotten better. With these longer styles, you can ensure that your whole body is engulfed in that comforting warmth. With all of this in mind, go and grab yourself a long puffer coat to keep you cosy this winter.

There are so many options for long coats on the market at the moment and it is up to you as to which one you opt for this winter. Puffer, wrap, belted, trench, leather, or one of the myriads of other styles available, long coats are amazingly versatile for any occasion.

Whatever you choose, a long coat is the go-to for a put-together, flawless, and cosy style no matter whether it be day or night.

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