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Saint Laurent Fall-Winter 2022 Collection

Saint Laurent Fall-Winter 2022 Collection

On everything that I love, never have I ever, seen a collection that had me excited about the clothes. To elaborate on this point, what I mean is that most shows you tend to get excited about because of the buzz surrounding the show. For example, there may be a lot of celebrities in the crowd. Or, there could be a lot of top models walking in one show. That is enough to get you excited. Rarely, in a world that has become more socially and economically aware, do you get excited about the garments. However, the Saint Laurent team killed it this season.

I’m so anxious to get my thoughts out my hands are clamouring. I tend to not pay attention to the Saint Laurent fashion shows because they don’t excite me. I like shows. Fashion shows. As in, give me a show. Something to watch and really sink my teeth into. Saint Laurent typically doesn’t do this for me. Consequently, I tend to get my fashion fix from Saint Laurent’s ad campaigns. They have some of the best and most on-brand marketing campaigns in the business today.

The collection

For me, a good fall-winter collection has garments that can be worn every day. Not a collection that has been designed for red carpets. Red carpets are unrealistic and it’s a hassle to look like them every day. I have to put this show in the same category as the Patbo‘s, Bronx + Banco, Victor Glemaud, and Naeem Khan‘s of the world. This collection is purely date night vibes. Or at the bare minimum, clothes that should be worn at an event. That’s a great thing. In today’s climate, I rarely see Saint Laurent on the red carpet and when it is, it rarely grabs the viewer’s attention. That’s not good. It’s okay to be a fabulous designer, but go and get the accolades for that too.

The fur coats were to die for and remind me of that surprise your boyfriend in lingerie girl. Do you know what I mean? Like, put on one of those fur coats in the cold, go to see your boyfriend/girlfriend with nothing on underneath, and enjoy yourselves. The heels were incredibly complimentary as well. I found that they were glamourous and toned down just enough for any outfit.

The coats were excellent, as well as the use of jewellery in this collection. Where I would hate the look because it looked too busy, the bangles complemented the dresses and or coats. An air of glamour never hurts.

The models

The next great thing about the show has to be the model lineup. I mean, let’s speak about diversity. We had models of seemingly every colour and race in the show. Including age and generation! I saw a few stylish mama’s in there! I remember the first time I began publicly reviewing fashion shows and I was afraid to speak about this. But it is important. To look back in time is to revisit a horror house. The years when fashion designers would literally have one model of colour in the shows. I would never give a designer top marks for continuing that outdated mentality today.

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The soundtrack

As of all of the shows I have reviewed personally for Fall-Winter 2022, this show has the best soundtrack. The soundtrack aids the models as they glide down the runway no matter their walking style. It was an emotional collection of sorts, that tied the viewer into the clothes. To me, that was the important factor. Don’t forget about the clothes. That is what you are here for. Oftentimes, I can get lost in a good soundtrack and are a show higher than it deserves. But that just ties into my point earlier about me wanting to see a show. The soundtrack was excellent and a nice touch that I rarely see is Anthony (the designer) taking a long creative director walk.

When you watch shows, designers, appear for a brief moment. Not Anthony Vaccarello. He walked the entire runway himself and it is something I am happy about. Every attendee had the opportunity to see him and that is important. Thank the people that support you and always make time for them. It reminds me of John Galliano and his entrance at the end of Dior shows when he was the Creative Director.


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