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Teddy Vonranson Fall-Winter 2022 Collection

Teddy Vonranson Fall-Winter 2022 Collection

Let’s talk, shall we? About Teddy Vonranson that is. Firstly, another fashion house that I am unfamiliar with is Teddy Vonranson. I had initially thought that coming into NYFW 2022, the shows would either be centred around women or mixed gender. But rarely do I ever find myself faced with a brand that focuses solely on men. Especially where fashion is concerned. For the simplest of explanations, there is more revenue to be made in women’s fashion than in men’s because women spend more money don’t these things. It could be because we’ve been conditioned into doing this, or it could be because we genuinely love it. I know I do. But outside of choosing to shop in the men’s section on the rarest of occasions, an entire collection devoted to men? Interesting.

I am no stranger to reviewing mens’ collections, as I previously did this with Alexander McQueen. But the difference here is that, holistically, Alexander is a mixed gendered fashion line.

The Collection

I would like to say that I’m disappointed in the fact that there are no women in the collection, but that would be untrue. Moreover, I like this collection. From the models to the colours used in the fabrics, it’s gorgeous. As a young person who is confident in her sexuality, I have no qualms about wearing menswear. The collection has rich colours with amazing corduroys.

Where fall is concerned, it begins to get colder and the seasonal colour palette in fashion adapts. During the winter months, you experience darker tones and more layers. Every look in this collection personifies this in some way. Though some of the models stand in a way that makes them look drably dressed, it is still very weather appropriate.

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The Verdict on Teddy

I am saddened at the fact that there was no runway show to present the clothes, but that doesn’t take away from the collection. The clothes have an artistic take that is fresh and new where men are concerned. Throw the plain t-shirts in the bin, and shop Teddy Vonranson. I’d be happy to pick up a few things for my boyfriend from this collection.


Model Diversity

Colour Palette


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