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Christian Siriano Teaches You How To Stay True To Yourself

Christian Siriano Teaches You How To Stay True To Yourself

The Christian Siriano show was a good one. That is a lazy sentence to open up a show review, but there we are. Moreover, my opening statement is very honest about my thoughts on the show and the collection. I thought it was good. I don’t believe the collection stood out amongst others in the same season, but it wasn’t boring either.

Christian Siriano Show and Collection

One of my favourite things about the show was the inclusion and diversity of the models used. Regarding the long list of designers that produce shows every season, Christian Siriano does this the best. Often, when fashion designers try to appeal to the masses by casting a broad range of girls, on the whole, the models are the same. Very tall and thin. In this collection, we had plus-size models of various ethnicities. That was great to see.

In terms of the garments themselves, there were some standouts that I liked. Namely the dresses towards the end of the show. Christian had some cool structured jackets and blazers on the runway. One in particular that I recall is the second look in the show worn by Supermodel Coco Rocha.

Speaking of supermodels, two supermodels that I was happy to see on the runway were Coco Rocha and Karen Elson! It has been a long time since I saw Karen on the runway. Karen was a top model during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Coco joined the runway a few years after Karen but has always been known for her editorial campaigns.

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With this being said, it isn’t one of my favourite collections of the season, but I do like how original Christian is. I like the brand because I don’t feel Christian tries to conform to what sells. People shop with Christian Siriano and wear his designs because they are his. Not because they are trendy, and I like that. It draws people away from mass-producing garments that pollute the earth. On top of that, these garments are unlikely to have multiple wears.

View the collection here.


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