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Eckhaus Latta Fall-Winter 2022 Collection

Eckhaus Latta Fall-Winter 2022 Collection

It’s been a while since I have reviewed a show from NYFW, but here we are. It’s been such a long time since fashion week came and went, I am no longer sure why I wanted to review the show. But I am excited to share my thoughts with you. Whilst reviewing the Eckhaus Latta collection, I tried a different method of recollecting my thoughts. This new method is quite raw but honest. To begin, I would like to admit that I have never seen or reviewed an Eckhaus Latta fashion show before. However, there were some key standouts and as a writer, I am not new to providing an analysis of a collection.

These days, I am looking for a show. I think that Victoria’s Secret is the main reason why a lot of fashion collection these days are shown on larger than life scales. It’s an event, not just a place where you sit and watch people walk for 15 minutes. Whilst Eckhaus Latta is not the biggest designer, I did like the effort that they put into their collection design. It does remind me a little of a previous Louis Vuitton Men’s show that Virgil designed (FW 2019), but that is by the by. It was cool to see them adapt to this progressive change in high fashion and and their own spin on the environment.

The collection

Firstly, I am glad that the collection wasn’t long. Oftentimes, I feel as though individuals choose to keep up with the masses because of popularity reasons rather than staying true to themselves. If you don’t have any more ideas, you don’t need to force it. A succinct collection is really all you need and that is what we got from Eckhaus Latta.

The first look was a male model. This is interesting because women spend more money on clothes, so when producing a fashion show, it is more-so common sense rather than follow-fashion to have a female model open the show. Something else that caught my eye which is becoming less of a spectacle for me, is seeing the opening male model in a sheer dress. I am surprised by this look because I think the rarity of a male model opening up a mixed gendered show in a dress is scarce. Already, the senses are dulled and forced to think about what that means to me personally. But also, what message the designer wants to convey.

The next few looks were uneventful in terms of the material used and the garments. I found the knitwear, and the knitwear throughout the show to be easily re-produced for the high street. Of course, fast fashion rips off the runway all of the time, but when it’s done well you can tell which fashion show provided the source of inspiration. The knitwear on the runway looked inspired by what’s on the high street. The messaging there is a backwards and something that I found, peculiar to say the least.

The show

Next up, I must mention something that I never thought I would say. That is, I believe the best walk of the show and the best look of the show were worn by two male models! Since when has this ever happened? As someone who frequents the men’s department, I don’t feel bad about this at all but it is bizarre. When have men ever had better looks on the runway? Never. But as most ready-to-wear looks tend to seep onto red carpets, I hope this does too. Men need to be freed from the shackles of the basic black suit and tie. Mix it up a little boys!

On a positive note, I noticed that the model line-up of the show appeared to be inclusive. Models of different ages, heights and races paradigm on the runway which is a great thing. More of this please!

See Also

The shoes in this collection were a winner for me to. Take the shoes worn by top model Paloma Elsesser, for example. I haven’t seen them before but I think they look cute. I’m not sure if I would wear them in the colder seasons because .. well it’s cold. But they could be chic for the warmer months. Those shoes could be an item to watch. See how you feel about them in the fall and if you don’t like it, wait for it to go on sale and rock them in the spring-summer months.

Final Thoughts on Eckhaus Latta

To conclude my thoughts I do have something funny to say. Have you seen the Blade 2 film starring Wesley Snipes? If not, go and watch it and pay close attention to the underground club scene. I think this entire collection, would look great on any actor or background extra in that scene. Right?! A lot of the fabric is ripped or sheer and quite basic. Perfect for a dark room with loud EDSM music with everyone else jamming out. These outfits would be great for some sort of grunge, underground, rock, escapist world. There were a few looks that I adored, which I will share on the global Pinterest account, so head there to discover more looks.

My final note, is the designers walk. I spoken about this once before for the Yves Saint Laurent FW22 show and my point is this. I love the fact that both designers are actually walking in their show as a lap of honour. People come to these shows because they want to support you and see you and smile in your face at your achievement. I hope that this trend of designers saying hello or at least being visible to everyone at the show continues. Something that I will have to assess in future Versace shows perhaps.


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