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Summer To Autumn Style Transitions

Summer To Autumn Style Transitions

Autumn contains the season of Halloween, fun, falling leaves, and cooler weather. Throughout Autumn, the goal is to remain comfortable and warm without sacrificing style. Whilst my first instinct is to discard my summer wardrobe in favour of purchasing an entirely new autumn collection, there are alternative ways of transitioning my wardrobe from Summer to Autumn.

Crochet Fever

One of the most highly anticipated autumnal trends is crochet. The breathable nature of crochet ensures that it is perfect for layering when transitioning my summer looks to autumn fashion. Crochet jumpers are rapidly taking over the fashion scene as we move towards autumn.

The crochet cropped jumper pairs well with summer dresses or short sleeve and strappy tops. The slight modification with the cropped jumpers makes the summer outfits cosier. During Autumn, it begins to get colder. Fabrics that can begin to provide insulation ensures that I’m not sacrificing style during Autumn.

Leg Warmer Wonderland

Another way to incorporate crochet into your wardrobe in your transition from Summer to Autumn is through leg warmers. Now, when I think of crochet, I immediately think of the neon versions which claimed the spotlight in the 1980s. However, for Autumn, this trend is coming back with a modern twist. Neutral-coloured leg warmers are back in style, looking comfy and chic as the cooler weather moves in. Pair some crochet leg warmers with a mini skirt and trainers to give off a trendy vintage vibe and stay warm during Autumn.

Trendy Trench Coats

Trench coats are an absolute must-have for Autumn 2022. Whether you are drawn towards neutrals or pops of colour, trench coats are getting ready to rule the style scene. These versatile coats allow you to transition your summer looks to fashionable versions for the cooler weather. The trench coat is a classic due to its ability to add class to any outfit. Trench coats can be dressed up or down and are a style which you can be sure will be wearable for years to come.

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Blazer Boom

Oversized blazers, despite having been trendy for the last few years, are thankfully not going anywhere. These lightweight jackets can add a classic or edgy flair to your summer outfits as we transition into autumn. Blazers add warmth, and when layered , it doesn’t weigh you down as much as a bulky coat would. The nature of blazers makes them ideal for layering, adding complexity to your outfit. This style of jacket is also perfect to wear into the office, adding a clean and smart aura to your look. It is easy to find blazers in every style. If you are not sure how to style this trend, try pairing a blazer and skirt of similar styles, as nothing looks more stylish than a matching set.

When transitioning your Summer wardrobe and making it appropriate for Autumn, layering is your best friend. During this time, we need trench coats that not only warmth but also dimension to your outfits. The weather cooling down doesn’t mean that your Summer wardrobe becomes obsolete. It simply provides you with the opportunity to try out new styles and get creative with your favourite summer pieces.

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