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Vivienne Westwood’s Spring Summer 2022 Campaign

Vivienne Westwood’s Spring Summer 2022 Campaign

I’ve wanted to see the campaigns for the industry’s spring-summer collections for a very long time. Finally, I saw the Vivienne Westwood campaign, and I can’t say I am surprised.

Previously, I have been guilty of reviewing a show or collection too quickly and not leaving enough time to ponder the content. I am happy I am not making that mistake with Ms Westwood’s campaign because spring is right around the corner. Now is the best time to look at what she has designed for us looking forwards to the new season.

Spring is all about new beginnings. Just like January. The flowers are sprouting on the trees again, adding colour to a previously dull season. That is what spring-summer fashion is about. A fresh outlook on life through clothes whilst being guided by a designer’s creative direction. Just because we see a lot of pastels doesn’t mean our collection will go in that direction. This is the case for Vivienne’s campaign.

The Colours

The colours feel permissible in spring. I say this because it reflects what I see in everyday life. Many of us who enjoy fashion don’t look at celebrities or influencers to determine how we dress. Not in this day and age, and I get that same feeling from this campaign.

Vivienne spices the colours up with prints because let’s face it – we all have to keep up with trends. We all live in different places around the globe, so whilst it may be cold in your county, I may experience warmer temperatures. Black is the worst shade to wear during hotter temperatures, but that doesn’t mean we want to run to white. We use colours and prints to add character to our personalities.

Georgia May Jagger starring in the Vivienne Westwood spring summer 2022 ad campaign.
© Vivienne Westwood
Vivienne Westwood spring summer 2022 ad campaign.
© Vivienne Westwood

What I love about the prints is that they have a resort vibe about them. For example, imagine wearing these items on a quick getaway. What a vibe! But it’s also cool enough to grab local attention if you don’t go abroad. This piece is not mass-produced which a lot of you love, so it ticks that box in terms of exclusivity.

The Models

It’s 2022. We don’t want to see eurocentric forms of beauty being paraded around on billboards. One reason I like to understand which models were chosen is because models are muses. A designer can create a collection, but they need professionals to convey that message. The models chosen by designers are a reflection of how they view beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes those eyes can be masked by unconscious bias.

Vivienne had both men and women starring in her ad campaign and of varying ethnicities. There is only woman that stands out because of how famous she is. That woman is Georgia May Jagger. Georgia looks good in the campaign, with one of my favourite shots being of her. She wears a black off-the-shoulder dress and holds a purse stamped with the Westwood logo. It’s such a sexy look and gives off a Saint Laurent vibe.

Many of the other models are relatively unknown compared to Georgia, which seems like a perfect statement from the brand. Awkward, sexy, classic and chic. We may not be your favourite, but we certainly know how to make an acquired statement. The model casting was excellent.


Lastly, we need to look at the collection holistically. I already said that spring is all about new beginnings, but the issue with planning ahead is that you may still miss the mark. Holistically, the menswear campaign is very appropriate. The tracksuits are neat and perfect for chill days and feature light fabrics, shorts and jeans. These are the clothes that men like to wear during the spring. Excellent menswear campaign.

For women, I also think it’s appropriate. There are many v-neck cut tops which are great for ventilation purposes. There are also a lot of sexy dresses in the campaign that I feel are perfect for nights out. When spring comes around, humans act like little hermit crabs. We seem to test the waters a little and go out at night every now and again. By the time summer comes around, we’re well and truly into the season. Vivienne has perfect day-to-night outfits. It’s warm during the day and deceptively cold at night during spring. The collection offers versatile pieces that can keep up with the weather changes.

If you want to see Vivienne’s campaign click here.

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