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Sports We Want To Play With Friends Post Lockdown

Sports We Want To Play With Friends Post Lockdown

What sport can I do or play during lockdown?

We can all find comfort in the fact that we have all put some weight on during lockdown. As lockdown may soon be over for some of us, we’ve decided to list all the sports which we want to play with friends. Some of these sports are socially distant by nature. Others we will be free to play as social distancing rules ease.


Moises Alex

The sport we are most looking forward to playing is Tennis. The British culture has been deprived of a good racket and ball for several months now. Luckily for us, tennis is a socially distant sport by nature so we won’t be breaking any rules playing tennis. The cool skirts and shorts, polo shirts and simple tees. Spring is nearly here, and the sun is coming up for the new season. Fitness is something on a lot of our lists this year, as we didn’t get to do them as a new year resolution.


Football is a sport loved by many Europeans. One reason we can’t wait to get back onto the pitch is because we get an exorbitant amount of exercise without noticing. Football is a team sport, with mixed abilities outside of the pros. You can’t move in certain places on the field, which is why players are so active. This sport is not socially distant at heart, so we will need to be careful when we play.

Jason Charters


Juan Gomez

Golf is a sport that is socially distant in nature. It is not usually played with many participants, as it is a fairly intimate game. Golf is also played in game houses or country clubs. Country clubs can offer social distancing services as few people have memberships.

Golf is a respectful game, which has been missed by us severely. From the outfits, to the carts and everything in-between golf is the sport on the top of our list.


This depends on your personal preference as to whether you want to play pool or snooker. However, we can’t wait to play either.

The strategy involved, accompanied by hand eye co-ordination and dirty talk from competitive friends is what we want. Pool and snooker, are great for fun as it often comes down to the last ball, when determining a winner.

This game can become more exciting, if bets are placed. Trust us, we know these things.



Ayrus Hill

Cricket is a game well indoctrinated into the British child. This game is socially distant by nature so this game can be played with restrictions just fine.

This game may be troublesome for those of you who have poor hand eye coordination, but who cares. Not us.


Polo is an acquired taste, but we encourage all our readers to try it. As lockdown ends, and we move back to a tiered system, many leisure activities will become available. Get involved in sports and try something new by taking polo lessons.

You will learn how to ride a horse and how to play the game. This game can be quite frustrating, as when you think your mallet is ripe for the ball, it turns out you missed it completely.

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Jonathan Change

Simple track events is what we want. Our local athletics clubs may be opening soon, and we can’t wait to go running again on some artificial turf.

Track events are socially distant at heart, providing that you are a fast runner. No worries though because typically you will only be running for approximately 18 seconds per 100 metres.

Athletics is normally run along field events, which can amp up the amount of sports played in one day.

Field events are socially distant as only one person can throw/jump at a time.

What sport are you looking forward to playing once lockdown is over?

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