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Gift Ideas For Spring 2022

Gift Ideas For Spring 2022

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I’m probably (definitely) biased, but I think beauty products make the best gifts. The best gifts are items which a person uses every day, but would never have bought themselves – and if that isn’t a beauty product description, I don’t know what is. Another reason buying beauty for loved ones are great? There are options to suit literally any budget. Here’s our Christmas gift guide at every price. 

Under £5

Just because you don’t have a lot to spend does not mean you can’t get a good beauty related gift. For example, for under a fiver, you can purchase a Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm. These are extremely cute, with retros, 80s packaging, and come in a range of scents and shades. Cherry Me is a suits-all, juicy red.

Another excellent and super affordable option is the Essence Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss – particularly their clear shine. I consider myself a clear lip gloss connoisseur, and honestly? This one’s the best. It looks equally great alone and over any lipstick.

If lips aren’t their bag, though, I point you in the direction of the MUA Facial Sticks. I don’t think I’ll offend anyone by pointing out that these are unabashed Milk Makeup rip-offs, but the product quality is good, plus they’re surprisingly innovative for a bargain brand.

Under £10

If you have a budget of a tenner, I’m of the belief that highlighters are the way to go. Not only does literally everyone look good in them, but they’re usually an item which the average, non-beauty-hoarding joe doesn’t have too many of. Plus, you can find truly fantastic ones at a low cost.

Colourpop Super Shock Cheeks are amazingly good for their price. They come in approximately one billion different shades, but a great all-rounder is Flexitarian. It’s light enough for fair skins, but warm enough that it doesn’t look too ashy. It also gives a flatteringly glossy, rather than powdery, finish.

For even more bang for your buck, I’d recommend the Sleek Solstice Palette. It has four shades so there’s something for everyone – the pale lilac is the most intense, while the shimmering champagne cream looks subtle and lit from within.

Another fun option are the Bleach London Super Cool Colours. While the pastel shades are best suited to a blonde friend, they have some deeper, jewel tones which will show up on brunettes, too. They’re commitment free, and wash out in under a month.

Under £20

Expanding your budget a little, I think skincare is the way to go, While luxe skincare used to be exclusively super pricey, the past couple of years have brought to my attention some excellent brands which won’t break the bank. 

The Ordinary is a classic, and their Buffet serum is a great choice for anyone. As the name suggests, it provides a ton of great skincare benefits, which your skin can pick and choose from. This makes it ideal when shopping for someone else, whose skin type may be a mystery.

Garden of Wisdom is a new skincare brand (to me) which I am in the throes of a passionate love story with. Their products are similarly bargainous to the Ordinary, minus all the drama. A great gift across the board is their Vitamin C Serum 23%, as vitamin C is a skincare ingredient which benefits all skin types and concerns.

Under £50

Ok, let’s be honest – is there a better gift than a scented candle? If you have a little more to spend, go for a Byredo candle. That’s really all I have to say.

However, if you don’t want to go the home scent route, I do have some other options. Spoiler alert: they’re both glitter. Because if you can’t wear glitter during the holidays, then what is even the point?

A product I love with my full heart are the Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadows. They’re the easiest way to look like you’ve made an effort with your makeup – simply swipe, pat the edges with a finder, et voila. The whole shade range is pretty banging, but Diamond Dust – a holographic silver – is the standout.

If you really want to wow them, though, go for a Lemonhead Spacejam. These are super-concentrated blends of lots of different types and sizes of glitters, making it easy as hell to become an editorial goddess. My favourite is Crystal Tokyo, which is packed full of champagnes, pastel pinks and literal sequins.

Under £100

If you have £100 to spend on a beauty gift, I think perfume is the way to go. Two brands I’m absolutely loving at the moment are Clean and Commodity – and both have gorgeous scents for under a hundred.

From Clean, I highly recommend Sel Santal. It’s a fresh, slightly sour fragrance which reminds me of a less abrasive Le Lebo Santal 33. It’s a great gift option, because it’s impossible to imagine anyone disliking it.

From Commodity, I think Wool is a great way to go. It has the slightly sour, refreshing vibe of Sel Santal, but a smokier, woodier depth. Again, it’s a great all-rounder, as it isn’t too sweet or sickly but is still delightfully feminine and sexy.

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