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Bank Holiday Beauty Lovers’ Wishlist

Bank Holiday Beauty Lovers’ Wishlist

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I have a lot of beauty products. Let’s start with that. If I never bought makeup again, I’d never have to buy makeup again. Nonetheless, the compulsion to explore more is ongoing, and it’s kind of my job to be on the lookout for the coolest new things on the market. Based on my extremely exacting standards, I’ve composed a list of items I’d squeal with glee if I got this year (or hit lists for the Bank Holiday sales, depending on how you look at it). If you know someone who loves beauty, this list will likely apply to them too.

First Up

I have some severe skincare crushes at the moment, so let’s start there. I’m in the market for a lightweight, yet deeply dew-inducing moisturiser and the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream has caught my eye. The space-age packaging combined with the super soothing and lightweight formula is calling to me, I swear.

I’m also thinking it’s about time I got a Sunday Riley facial oil. I love facial oils generally, and it seems absurd that I’m yet to try some of the best ones on the market. U.F.O., a green slime that contains pore-unclogging salicylic acid, seems particularly unique, and thus exciting.

I consider myself a collector of clay masks, and one I have my eye firmly on is the Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask. Fresh just do face masks right, and I have pores that happily fill themselves with gunk on a daily basis.

There are two skincare gifts I want to try more out of a morbid curiosity than anything else. The first is the Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel, which you apply to the skin and then rub until all the dead layers start to pill up. Sounds extremely gross and satisfying, which is my skincare M.O. The second is the infamous Hanacure face mask, which makes you look terrifyingly embalmed, but rinses off to reveal a baby soft and flawless complexion.


There are a few makeup additions that I’ve managed to convince myself my collection is lacking, too. One is the Glossier Lidstars, which seem to offer a soft and sheer, almost glossy lidded look in a range of “cool girl” shades. I’m also eyeing up the Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions Palette. It’s tiny and perfect for travel, and for a generally-brown palette, it has some surprisingly unique shades. 

I’m a lip gloss maniac, and there are two which I’m starting to believe I truly need. The first is an oldie but a goldie – the Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Nude. It seems to be the perfect everyday shade – a milky, but not baby, pink, and with a refreshingly minty scent. 

The other is the totally unoriginal pick of the new Fenty Gloss Bomb. I swear, no matter how many shades of lip gloss Fenty brings out, I’ll buy them. The shade, Fu$$y, looks like the perfect 00s shimmery pink. Certainly on my Wishlist this Bank Holiday.


My two final wishes for the Bank Holiday are of the scented and exorbitantly priced variety. This is where I trail off into full fantasy, so you’ve been warned. My perfume wish is Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry. Everything about it just speaks to me – I love cherries, I love smoky scents, and I especially love rich divorcée packaging. 

My home fragrance wish is even more insane. I want the Diptyque Feu de Bois Candle. Not the regular-sized, or even the jumbo-sized, though. I want the one in a giant plant pot. It’s one of my favourite candles ever, and having it in such a magnificent form would be a dream come true. Emphasis on the dream part.

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