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Discover The April Gloss Look

Discover The April Gloss Look

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We’re going to give you a quickie with regards to getting glossy eyes. Welcoming the spring season is easy and exciting. There are so many ideas, and where makeup is concerned, adding gloss to the routine may be the answer. We have also delved deeper into this topic here. But if you want something a little shorter, try this guide here.

Gloss Top Choices

A great option if you want to elevate your glossy eye is the Milk Makeup Eye Vinyl. These glosses are lightly tinted, which gives a subtle wash of colour along with a stunning shine. “Bridge,” is a nude pink. It is one of the prettiest everyday shadows I’ve ever seen. “Tunnel,” deep charcoal, gives a fun and dramatic take on a smokey eye.

For a shinier, dewier glossy look, I’d recommend using a highlighter instead. Not a powder, though—we still want those elements of hydration and moisture. The Glossier Haloscopes are great for this. “Quartz” gives a soft, champagne dew, while “Moonstone” has more iridescent blue and purple tones for an alien-esque eye.

My next recommendations are for those who want the glossy effect but (understandably) can’t bear the idea of a wet eyelid. Going for a super-fine micro glitter can provide a surprisingly similar effect. It catches the light just so and avoiding any sort of sticky feeling.

See Also

The MAC Dazzleshadow Liquid in “Not Afraid To Sparkle” and the Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in “Perlina” are both perfect for this. These liquid formulas both dry, leaving only a sheer wash of iridescent glitter. When you turn your head, your eyelids will appear to sparkle as though bathed in diamonds. Or, in this case, covered in gloss.

I’ve also managed to find two powder shadows that look surprisingly wet when applied correctly. The Urban Decay Moondust Shadow in “Cosmic” (a wet-look white) and “Space Cowboy” (a beige packed with glitter), smeared on with fingers, give a shockingly glossy effect. If you want a shiny look that’ll last, these are your best bets. They can even be used as topcoats over other shades. 

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