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The Best Three Makeup Looks From the 2023 Golden Globes

The Best Three Makeup Looks From the 2023 Golden Globes

An image of Ana de Armas, who attended the 2023 Golden Globes.

The Golden Globes are supposed to be about the best in television. But we all know they’re really about the best in fashion and beauty. This year, celebrities across the board killed it on the red carpet. I’ve compiled my top three Golden Globes’ best makeup and hair looks from the night.

Milly Alcock

Golden Globes Artist: Misha

The House of the Dragon star rocked a beautiful homage to the ‘00s. She paired a beautifully shimmery green-grey eyeshadow with a glowing peachy blush and subtly soft-focus skin. The glossy nude lip is a classic, but the focus is that hair! We’re so into the slicked back half-updo, but pulling two face-framing strands forwards in a masterstroke. We’re also happy that she updated the look by opting for bushy (rather than overplucked and skinny) brows.

Get the look: The ELF Cosmetics Mint Melt Palette has all the eyeshadow shades you need to replicate this statement eye.

Viola Davis

Golden Globes Artist: Sergio López-Rivera

Viola’s look was a lot of fun. Her stunning hair looked bouncy and full of life, and her skin was glowing. But I’m most grateful for the unexpected sweep of blue eyeliner! It added an element of excitement and joy to an otherwise bog-standard red carpet makeup. The bright blue flash paired perfectly with her warm terracotta blush and glossy lip.

Get the look: Barry M’s Blue Kohl Eye Pencil is quick and easy to sweep onto your waterline. Smudge the colour out with a soft pencil brush for a Golden Globes’ best makeup-worthy look.

Jennifer Coolidge

Golden Globes Artist: Lily Keys Westbrook

The White Lotus’s undisputed star gave us full Hollywood glam, and I loved her for it. Big hair, big lashes, and a full-on pout came together for a beautiful look that would look stunning on anybody. Opting for neutral greys on the eyes gave her a retro, the ‘50s and ‘60s feel. It pairs perfectly with bouffant hair. Pair with warm nude lipsticks for a vintage-inspired yet oh-so-timeless effect.

Get the look: You can’t beat the L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray for volume and bounce. Backcomb your hair at the crown for height, then make sure it holds all night with liberal spritzes. The scent alone is enough to make you feel like an old Hollywood star.

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