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A Fool-Proof Guide To An On-the-Go Makeup Kit

A Fool-Proof Guide To An On-the-Go Makeup Kit

Don’t take this the wrong way, but we all need help. Sometimes we just don’t know which way to go when it comes to makeup. Specifically, makeup products to use when you’re on the go. Now, this is not the same thing as running late, because you tend to bring specific products for this reason. This fool-proof guide is here to help you when you need to touch up your makeup during the day. Or in the case that you’re not wearing any makeup and want to do something different, you’ll bring these products with you to save the day.

First up comes mascara. The eyes are the window to the soul which is why falsies are a huge part of the beauty industry. One of the downsides to false eyelashes is that they require preparation. Time which you don’t have. It is incredibly easy to forget mascara when you’re in a rush, therefore keep an extra one in your travel kit.

Secondly, we need to speak about the lips. Depending on your preferences, you’ll have lipstick, lipgloss or lip balm in your bag. The number one tool for your lips that you must have above all others is a lip balm. If you don’t have a lip balm in your on the go bag, your lips will become chapped. Nothing will treat this like lip balm. A must-have fool-proof product.

Third on this list is concealer. Not just any old concealer, but a concealer that matches the exact colour of your skin and one that is one shade lighter. The purpose of a concealer is to colour correct and hide dark spots. For those of you who suffer from hyperpigmentation or scars, concealer is your new best friend. It is a fantastic substitute for foundation and is often smaller in size. Great for your grab bag.

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Lastly on this list comes moisturiser. There is no crime like dry skin. It’s mostly a crime to yourself because you age faster and risk clogging your skin. On days where your skin is not the best, if you use moisturiser you can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin. Whether this is in the form of sunscreen or lotion, this is definitely a top product for your everyday go-bag.

There are a few honourable mentions useful for this list, but the main one could be the eyebrow pencil. There is no need to use this, however, there are times when you can be happy with your appearance before you leave the house. You then leave and an hour later you look in the mirror and are disappointed. Eyebrows help to frame the face, so when in doubt, pack a brow pencil with the above essentials. You should be covered for any and every situation. Fool proofed to perfection.

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