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Raise a Brow To The New You

Raise a Brow To The New You

Eyebrow Pencils have been taking over the world of eyes for a long time now. Although, a comparatively modern product, brow pencils have been raging their magic since the time they were introduced. The eyebrow stick is our best friend. It sticks with us through thin and thick, including all of the nuanced trends we all wish to have. Let’s discover the best eyebrow pencils in terms of brands and affordability now.

Top Brow Mentions

First up is the brow definer from Chantecaille. The Chantecaille waterproof brow definer is possibly the most coveted and popular one out of all eyebrow pencils. It is a very accessible product, can be ordered easily online, and is known to have an inexplicable quality about the nib and the spoolie. The shape and the look of the nib are smooth and provide your brows with a gentle look.

Next, the L’Oreal Paris Brow Xpert is yet another late product that is a must-have. It’s the perfect eyebrow pencil for those who are prone to breaking the brow stick. It glides on smoothly and gives us fuller-looking brows as the tip of the pencil is triangular which makes your application more precise. Moreover, a brush is attached to the other end, which helps blend and enhances the brow.

My third mention has to come from Hourglass Cosmetics. The Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil is a double-ended pencil with brown and beige ends. The contrasting colours stand to give a light yet shadowy look to your eyebrows, making their appearance thicker. The application of the sculpting pencil is easier with the smooth and malleable formula. It is of apt length, and thus perfect for being transported in your daily makeup bag.

The Nars Brow perfector is yet another underdog rising up in the game. It’s chunky and hence makes it useful for those who have or wish to have thick eyebrows. The nib is extremely fine and promises great colour and coverage if used in the right manner. It can also act as a concealer if need be. This multi-purpose tool is affordable and can be found in most drugstores.

Additional Mentions

The art of styling your brow depends on achieving the best angle. I would like to bring to your attention the best eyebrow pencil in town. The MAC eyebrow styler. It is a complete product in itself as it does not require any other tool. It is a microfine pencil that provides hair-like strokes on the brow giving a beautiful look.

See Also

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is an amazing eyebrow pencil that is most suitable for individuals with oily skin. It sets the benchmark pretty high with twelve high pigment shades. Natural brows are couldn’t be easier with Anastasia. The pencil is gentle on the skin and powerful enough to be included in the everyday makeup kit. The bold colour and the validity of its range can be vouched for.

Eyebrow pencils are not just mere objects of creating art, but also the very instrument without which, a complete eye makeup set cannot be done. That includes day-to-day looks or high fashion projects. They play a very small yet important role in beauty, and that adds to their value making them both essential and wholesome. So, the next time you’re out investing in eyeshadow palettes, don’t forget about eyeliners. Shop the story above for up-to-date brow goods.

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