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We’re Wearing Lingerie As Clothing This Summer

We’re Wearing Lingerie As Clothing This Summer

Gone are the days of concealing all underwear for fear of it being classed as unseemly or improper. Since the early 2000s, the fashion industry has dared to do the unthinkable; placing lingerie front and center as outerwear. Lingerie in its many forms has become a trend for summer styles. However, this specific trend is not without its controversies, with multiple views surrounding the ‘tackiness’ of this style choice. In summer 2022 we are going to wear whatever makes us feel the best and therefore, here are some helpful tips for styling lingerie for the upcoming season.

Casual Corsets

Corsets as tops have been running fashion from their resurgence in 2020. Absolutely perfect for summer 2022, they are becoming a staple piece for any and every wardrobe. Vivienne Westwood is the most renowned designer for removing corsets from the shadow of concealment. She thrusts them into new use as beautiful and elaborate tops. Through the combination of the strapless design (already a summer staple), alongside the flat tering silhouette (whether they are cropped or full length), corsets work as amazing casual staples.

Pair them with some jeans or a flowy skirt to create a stylish juxtaposition, or dress them up for a night on the town this summer. If you usually opt for more coverage than a corset provides, place one over your favorite long sleeve button-up blouse for an effortlessly chic look.

Babydoll Barbie

The 2000s was the era of the babydoll. Between babydolls as dresses and wearing them as tops, no timeframe wore them as outerwear quite like the 2000s. For summer 2022, due to the resurgence of 2000s trends as a whole, the babydoll has come back but with a twist. One of the newest versions for the upcoming season is the babydoll crop top combination. From a full-length babydoll with a split to show off some skin to the cropped style of this look, these styles have boomed recently. Not only does this trend incorporate a love for lingerie, but also our current adoration for all things mesh.

Silky Slips

Recently, we have all been raving about silk slip dresses. These sensual negligee-style dresses are not only flattering but also extremely luxurious. Nothing makes you feel sexy quite like a silk or satin slip dress, no matter the colour or specific style. Midi or mini, cowl neck or V-neck, backless or strapless, these dresses, which are based on lingerie, have something for everyone. Simply pair one with your best strappy pair of stunning heels, or (for those who prefer flats), a pair of trainers or boots for a casual, edgy look, and allow the luxurious atmosphere to overtake you.

Bodysuit Bliss

For the last five years, bodysuits have been beloved by so many fashion fanatics. Lace, mesh, or something with more coverage (or a combination of them all), bodysuits are stunning additions to any outfit. These pieces have become more popular recently with the newest aesthetic; ballet-inspired clothing.

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Much like leotards, bodysuits are ideal for all those who wish to try this new and extremely gorgeous trend, which incorporates the beauty and grace of ballet, infusing it into new fashion. Bodysuits are also the ultimate style for anyone who wants to take part in the lingerie trend but prefers clothing with slightly more full coverage.

The fashion industry ensures that nothing is ever off-limits. The resurgence of lingerie styled as outerwear is one incredible example of this. Fashion is all about pushing boundaries and wearing precisely what you want. Lingerie is no longer relegated to underwear. Dress any of these styles up or down, go “out-out” or simply go about your day. However you choose to wear these lingerie looks, they are perfect for summer 2022.