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Korean Fashion Trends For Spring & Summer 2022

Korean Fashion Trends For Spring & Summer 2022

Korean fashion in 2022 can be best described with two words: minimalism and simplicity. Typically, some girls experiment with makeup and imaginative outfits for nights out. But daily life fashion is dominated by toned colours and comfortable clothing. Street style and loungewear online can attest to this. This season, it’s all about lighter and more breathable fabrics. Trends come and go, but we’re not hypocrites. Learn about a few trends to consider making a part of your wardrobe to stay trendy this season.


Sweats are a look that you will either love or hate. But even if you belong to the latter category, you must agree that they’re incredibly comfortable. Bonus points for swears giving the illusion of fuller hips and bum. Once you warm up to this trend a bit more, you’ll realise that sweats go with just about anything. For example, you can choose to wear them with an oversized T-shirt or sweatshirt as spotted on Blackpink Lisa’s social media. Jennie is often seen wearing sweatpants with crop tops, which is the way I enjoy pairing it too. It makes me look effortless.

Tennis Skirts

Mini skirts are one of those trends that never get old. It’s especially true in the Korean fashion world. If you’re into K-pop, you probably have noticed that pleated skirts are a common theme in music videos. They’re usually in pastel colors and combined with boots or trainers to achieve a youthful look. Even though they’ve been around for years, the outfit never really lost its popularity and it’s easy to see why. Short skirts make your legs look longer, plus they look good with pretty much any accessories. Plain tops are a great complement to tennis skirts too.

Ribbed Shirts

The trends that last the longest are the ones that put a twist on standard wear. They should refresh your wardrobe but without necessarily forcing you to get out of your comfort zone. If you’re a fan of a minimalist style that doesn’t look bland at the same time, you’ll love ribbed shirts. They can complete both a spring and summer look as they come in short and long sleeves. and in just any color you can think of. Though I note that they’re most commonly neutral tones. Combine them with a skirt or jeans for a casual and classy look.

Wide-legged Trousers

If mom jeans aren’t for you, wide-legged trousers might be a more comfortable fit. Wide-legged trousers are funky and a style that many will stray from so they’ll certainly help you keep up with current trends. Also known as relaxed pants, they’re a common fashion choice for celebrities who want to stay comfy while travelling. On the plus size, they look good when being caught by the paparazzi at the same time. One of the biggest selling points of this piece of clothing is its versatility. This Korean fashion trend is great because trousers work well regardless of the occasion. So, if you’re a minimalist at heart, you might want to get yourself a pair asap.

Button-up Dresses

Koreans are known for classy fashion style and the button-up dress is the perfect example. It’s my favorite trend so far. It’s girly but can be combined with accessories that are considered less feminine, such as boots or oversized shirts. Additionally, the dress usually ends just above the knee and comes with a narrow waist that gives an hourglass shape. I’m all for feeling comfortable in your body and think that you shouldn’t change anything just to fit the beauty standards. I always appreciate outfits that can bring the best out of my figure and make me feel more confident, and the button-up dress is definitely one of them.

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