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Five Ways To Relax On A Saturday

Five Ways To Relax On A Saturday

Saturdays are quickly becoming my favourite day of the week. This is purely because it comes right after Friday’s which are hectic, and before Sunday when we prepare ourselves for a busy week. I’m going to share with you my favourite tips in order to relax as much as possible, when you’re free on Saturdays.

Have a lie-in

Relaxing on a Saturday has to start with waking up an hour later at least. It helps the body and brain to recognise a difference in dates, as you’re not rushing about at 7am.

Pamper day

Book a day at the nail salon or spa and get a beauty treatment. Sometimes running errands on the weekends can feel tiresome, but not when someone is stimulating blood cells. Pamper days can boost our serotonin, causing us to relax and be happy.

Surprise, surprise. Hello Netflix.

Streaming your favourite tv shows and movies, is a sure way to relax on a Saturday. It is possible that you do it during the week, when you need some time away from work! You don’t have to have Netflix, but you do need to have some good tv choices.

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It never ceases to amaze me how lost you can get in a new book. I must confess that this can take time, if you don not read regularly. Most books in the beginning are tedious, and the voice in your head won’t make it any better. However, it is a polite way to let people know that you are occupied. It even can help to develop your vocabulary, which is useful when conversing.

Order a takeaway

One of my rules is to limit takeaways to once a fortnight or when one gets hungover. Nevertheless, sometimes we need to break the rules. Ordering a takeaway is going to put you in that lazy afternoon mood. This involves a lot of lounging, and sloth behaviour. This will absolutely close of your Saturday, leaving you feeling relaxed.

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