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What Does It Mean To Run Your Own Race?

What Does It Mean To Run Your Own Race?

Run your own race, means focusing on what is yours. It is all about sending yourself a cease and desist on copying what others are doing because they ‘seem’ to be in a better position than you.

Before we get into the issue of “running your own race”, it would be remiss if we did not wish you well during these unprecedented times. We do not mean solely the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, but also the current political climate that we are experiencing since the death of George Floyd, may he rest in peace.

Since the murder of the dearly beloved George Floyd, we have been thinking about what the next part of life entails. What do we want to do differently, to help make this world a better place? Some advice which we would like to give to you is to make sure that you remind yourself that life is long, so take your time and don’t try to complete it all in one go.

Why is running my own race important?

Many times a day, we give up because there is so much suffering in the world, and we don’t know how to cope with it all. It is important to note, that you cannot carry the weight of the world on your shoulders alone. One human being did not corrupt the world. Therefore it will take more the one human being to set it right again.

There are many things that can have an effect on our mental health during these current times. Some may include:

  • Illness
  • Death
  • Prejudice
  • Discrimination
  • Bias standards of beauty
  • Social media

Let’s speak further about social media. Before smartphones, social media consisted of meeting up with someone to hear the latest news about their life. This was the time for discussions on new diets, love interests, children, school, noisy and nosy neighbours even pop culture. Currently, social activities exist online.

Playing with friendsGoing to the park with friendsplaying video games via the online function
RelationshipWrite her a note or card asking your crush out on a dateSee someone you like online, and send them a direct message
CareerGo to school, then university and get a jobThe emergence of creative outlets such as YouTube, or social media influencers
InfidelityStay late at work; book romantic getawaysMessage the third party whilst laying next to your significant other in bed
Traditional vs Modern take on activities.

Tackling the problems of today cannot be solved by the remedies of yesterday. As you can see we operate differently. You no longer have to go to a fast-food store. Just get UBEREATS or Deliveroo. Stores have online functions. Therefore no more exceptional customer service, and hello previously tried on clothes. Everyone has moved with the times (unless you are Chanel and you are still throwing away products that don’t sell, nor offer products for distribution online). If you’re going to attempt to solve the problems of today, you need to think from an evolutionary standpoint. Many problems are created by thinking in this way, so why can’t solutions be created this way too?

What’s in it for me?

You have to regroup with yourself and remind yourself that there is still time for you to mentally catch up with yourself. To break away from the world. Friends used to come over and comfort us when we were in need. Now we have to call them. These forms of neo-social conventions can be damaging to those who use gatherings to stimulate their own growth. Considering that we are currently still dealing with the pandemic, social media is all some of us have to still feel part of a social group.

Social media is full of highlights. Most will not realise or recognise this fact. But it is true. People post expensive watches. They do not post what they looked like, working 15 hours a day, four weeks in a row. People will post images of newly purchased cars. They do not post images of eviction notices. It is not customary to do so. You cannot compare your apples to others’ oranges.

You do not know what people do every day to achieve the things that have. Therefore, you can only control the things which are within your power, which is coincidentally your life. Worry about the plan that you have for yourself. You can only control your own progression. So remember how far you’ve come, and how far you still plan to go.

Run your own race. Don’t think about being in competition with anyone. If you want to compete with someone, compete with yourself. Compete with the level of progression you have made in one year. You’ve always wanted to learn Spanish? How many words do you know? If the answer is none, it is time to work on it. Do not worry if none of your friends are interested in learning a new language. You are. That is all that matters.

Some tips

Celebrate your friends when they achieve a new goal in life. Don’t be mean, grudgeful or think the worst. That was not your goal. Your friend applied for one job last month, and got an offer of employment within three weeks? Congratulations are in order. Missing out on these festivities because you are jealous and envious is a nasty trait. Did you want to work in the same industry? For the same company? For the same position? Most of the time, the answer is no. So you already know what you have to do right? Run your own race.

If you feel some type of way because your friends are always achieving something, use that as inspiration. If everyone around you drives a car, that does not mean that you have to. You never know. Maybe your friends can drop you at different destinations for free. Most of the time they will do nice things for you, just because you’re friends. But still, the headliner remains the same. Your friends, family, colleagues etc. will congratulate you when you achieve YOUR goals.

Inspiration: the process of being mentally stimulated or motivated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

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If you want something, you will achieve it. Just keep working at it.

A pro tip is to make sure you have a plan and stick to it. College, University, Career? Have a plan, because life continues. It doesn’t stop because you decide to leave home, and experience what it is like to live alone whilst still receiving an education. Death will happen. Marriage will happen. New life will happen. All of these things will affect you and the way you choose to live your life. You have to remain loyal to YOUR goals.

Remember why you started, and work on your discipline. Accessibility to industries is easier due to the internet. As easy as it is to get into these industries without traditional means of education, it is even easier now to develop a short attention span. Stay focused, and run your own race. When you get there, you will have something worthwhile to contribute.

To Conclude

In conclusion, some goals from us to you to start off your own list include:

  • Reading
  • Taking a chance on the idea you have always had no matter what others think
  • Make sure you unapologetically take time off from the world to focus on your mental health

Something we are going to make sure that we do is focus on our own brand without comparing ourselves to others. We have a niche team that cares about the brand. That is all that matters now. We want to run our own race.

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