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What is The Blue Mind Theory and How to Use it To Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

What is The Blue Mind Theory and How to Use it To Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

Taking the time to relax and pamper yourself greatly benefits your mental health. It seems to be even more effective if it involves water. Apart from promoting relaxation, being near the water can help you to connect with your needs. It also stimulates creativity and is an overall mood booster. The book ‘Blue Mind’ talks about the theory it in more depth and provides scientific evidence.

Unfortunately, no matter how much the blue mind theory resonates with you, you might not have the luxury to go on a holiday a few times per year. I certainly don’t have the time or resources to fully embrace this concept. But since finding out about it, I continuously think about how how I could make it work. I’ve come up with a few creative ways to benefit from it at home.

Start having mindful showers

The prices are rising so I feel like telling you to have frequent baths wouldn’t be the right advice. But you can always make your showers more purposeful by focusing on all the sensations you’re experiencing. For example, the way the water feels against your skin. The smell of your washing gel and the sounds around you. This will help your mind take a break from thinking about your next move and allow you to be grounded in the present.

Introduce the colour blue into your life

Did you know that blue colour is calming and can help you relax after you’ve experienced something stressful? So if you’re in the mood for a positive change, remember to make space for blue in your daily routine. For example, you could change your desktop wallpaper to blue or buy a blue mug. That can help you start the day right. Hell – add blue accessories to your room.

Try listening to white noise

It’s not just about the way the water feels or looks but about the way it sounds too. Whether you’re listening to a pre-recorded sound of waves or the rain, it can help you achieve the same calming effect being near the water has. Try listening to white noise every night before bed and see if it makes a difference.

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Watch a beach-themed movie

One great thing about watching a movie that takes place on a beach is that it’s usually heartfelt. Heartfelt movies are great sources of energy and trigger a sense of nostalgia. Nostalgia helps us to reconnect with the positive feelings experienced last time you went on a holiday. My top three recommendations are Mamma Mia, Couples Retreat and Crazy Rich Asians.

According to the ‘blue mind theory’, being near water can put you in a meditative state that can be more beneficial than looking at green scenery. It doesn’t matter if you’re swimming, watching the waves hit the shore or dipping your toes in a pool, the verdict on this one is clear; water can improve your mental well-being in various ways. This is because we tend to live in an over-stimulated state and water can generate a feeling of calm that allows our brains to finally shut down a bit and recharge batteries. I don’t know about you but I keep myself busy all the time. Where it os helpful because I am being productive, it often prevents me from enjoying the moment.