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Superior And Budget-Friendly Fragrances To Smell Really Good

Superior And Budget-Friendly Fragrances To Smell Really Good

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Smelling good is one of life’s purest joys, but it can be difficult on a budget. Adding sensory pleasure to your quotidian routine is a quick fix to elevate your life experience overall. Maybe I sound overly dramatic, but a lovely fragrance can improve the trajectory of every single day of your life.

However, most fragrance aficionados believe that splashing the cash is the key to smelling nice. And in some ways, many of the most expensive perfumes are olfactory art. The highest quality fragrance oil ingredients, alongside incredible attention to detail by the most discerning noses on earth, don’t always come cheap.

But despite this, I still believe that smelling fabulous shouldn’t be the privilege of those with enough disposable income to drop a bag on a pricey scent. There are ways to smell fabulous without taking out a bank loan.

Budget-Saving Body Sprays

There are two routes to go down when pursuing an affordable fragrance. You can either look for a dupe of a popular scent or opt for a standalone, cheaper option. Regarding dupes, I’m a massive fan of AIXO, Divain, and Eden brands. All three offer a massive variety of substitutes for classic fragrance scents at a fraction of the price! Are you looking for Byredo, Tom Ford, By Killian, Diptyque, or Le Labo at a considerable markdown? Look no further. AIXO’s Box Fresh Barbie is one of the most joyful fragrances I’ve ever worn.

And budget fragrance roundup would be remiss to ignore the iconic Lush body sprays. I’m a massive fan of these XXL bottles, but my favourite is Let The Good Times Roll. It’s deliciously, sickly sweet, and always undeniably cheering. These sprays also offer a strength of fragrance and longevity of scent that belies their meagre price tag.

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