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Survive This Christmas Period With These Ideas

Survive This Christmas Period With These Ideas

The Christmas period is not so merry for all; the increased responsibilities and the pressure to meet everyone’s expectations is a recipe for chronic stress and exacerbated mental health issues. If you aren’t looking forward to the upcoming celebrations, you aren’t alone. Luckily, there are ways you can protect your mental wellbeing, find joy, and survive the festive madness.


There’s nothing more stressful than disorganisation so make sure you plan everything way in advance. Make a to-do list of all the tasks you have to take care of in the upcoming days, then cross out the items that aren’t absolutely necessary. While your family might expect Christmas cards and friends might pressure you to attend every party in town, remember that your health is your priority and you should cultivate self-love. Self-love comes before any love expressed towards others. Additionally, work smart not hard. Instead of taking a long and stressful trip to the supermarket, consider buying Christmas essentials online.


Nowadays, Christmas is so commercialised that it’s easy to forget what really matters: celebration. And I’m not necessarily talking about celebrating the birth of Jesus but about appreciating what you achieved throughout the year and that you’re alive and have so many more years ahead of you. The best act of appreciation is treating yourself. Make it your priority to add self-care to your daily routine; do one thing that makes you happy every day you survive. It won’t only allow you to welcome the new year with optimism but also keep your stress at bay. But make sure you recognize the difference between self-care and distractions too: having a drink every day might help you take the edge off but will worsen your mental health in the long run.


Yes, Christmas straight out of a commercial would be great but it doesn’t reflect the reality. Don’t try to achieve perfection and allow yourself to do things a bit differently this year. Remember that you can’t please everyone. If you’re taking part in a large family gathering, chances are there will be at least one person who isn’t satisfied. Remember that you don’t need anyone’s approval to enjoy the holidays. Plus, things rarely go according to the plan and your effort is the only thing that matters. Additionally, make sure to reduce the time you spend on social media because seeing immaculate decorations and picture-perfect families will only kill your joy.


The fastest way to make this festive season turn you into a ball of stress is by taking on too many responsibilities. While saying ‘no’ to a family member this time of the year might seem cruel, remember that you don’t have to sacrifice your energy to show love towards your family. If they care about you, they should understand that you have other commitments and can’t comply with their every request. Not sending a Christmas card this year is perfectly fine, just like making a spontaneous decision to celebrate it abroad.

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Christmas comes with many social expectations such as buying gifts or attending Christmas parties. But no amount of socialising is worth putting yourself in debt. To avoid spending over your limit, come up with a holiday budget in advance. Another thing you can consider is making presents – you don’t have to be crafty because it’s the thought that counts. Lastly, you could discuss your concerns with your family. After all, gifts aren’t what make the festive season so special.

Hopefully, these tips help you to survive this holiday period.

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