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Loungewear: Everything You Need To Know This Christmas

Loungewear: Everything You Need To Know This Christmas

What is Loungewear?

Before loungewear was a thing, all we had were pyjamas, dressing gowns and tracksuits to get cosy in at home. Now all of this and much more falls under the umbrella loungewear which has taken off in recent times. For those of you who have never heard of or owned a loungewear piece, the answer is in the name. Comfy clothing you can lounge around in at home.

So, how come loungewear has suddenly seen an increase in popularity? The first thing that comes to mind is the Covid-19 pandemic. As the virus spread around the world, many countries adopted lockdown and quarantine strategies. Because of this, some were furloughed and many were ordered to work from home sometimes for months on end. Unable to go out as normal, the desire for fashionable day and night clothes decreased as they fitted no purpose. Wearing cosy clothes in the comfort of your own home became a bigger staple in people’s wardrobes and this grew all over social media. Many brands recognised this and decided to capitalise on the trend by releasing more loungewear collections. This is why loungewear is largely available today in most high street clothing stores you step into.

Additionally, society as a whole is more aware of the state of their mental health than ever. Staying in is the new going out. With the popularisation of streaming platforms and the emphasis on self-care, what better way to do relax than in your comfy loungewear clothing.

Lastly, many celebrities have been seen in loungewear and helped grow this trend over social media. Kim Kardashian recently launched her loungewear collection within her shapewear brand Skims. Skims has proven to be a huge hit with fast fashion brands churning out dupes for the general public’s consumption. Similarly, other celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon and created loungewear for this time of year.

Why Loungewear is here to stay?

The demand for loungewear is bigger than ever and it might just be a trend that will last forever. The loungewear trend can last for a long time as people usually only wear them inside their homes. We tend not to care what other people think about our fashion choices at home because others won’t see them. Who wants to wear jeans and tight fitted dresses whilst watching a feel-good movie in bed?

The comfort aspect of loungewear in itself makes us feel good. That’s why we decide to purchase it. Christmas falls in the winter season causing us to wear different types of clothing. This is usually warmer material with thicker fabrics that help with insulation. After lockdown restrictions eased up, we were left clueless about what to do with all this loungewear they had purchased. Social media influencers used this as an opportunity to weave lockdown purchases into their daily outfits. Ditching loungewear completely was a no-no. Loungewear was given a new purpose outside the home, making it a notable fashion trend of 2020.

Our favourite picks this Christmas

Loungewear is a perfect Christmas gift as many people look forward to opening their Christmas gifts in the morning in their cosy festive pyjamas. They are also great clothing staples for everyday wear and perfect to slot into your winter wardrobe.


If you can get your hands on the cosy knit loungewear set from Skims, then this will make the perfect Christmas gift to snuggle up in. Size inclusive and comes in a range of colours too!


With a huge cult following for their underwear sets, you cannot go wrong with gifting your loved one Calvin Klein. Their Christmas collection is one add to your wish list. Not only are they absolutely festive, but very practical to fall asleep in.


Heavily popularised by social media influencers, Lounge underwear is one of the few brands that has sky-rocketed for their pieces. We particularly love their 3 piece jumper and jogger set which can be worn in and outside the house.


This sustainable and vegan brand was founded by former Made in Chelsea star and animal activist Lucy Watson. The underwear pieces from Renue the Label make it versatile to lounge around in and wear underneath clothing. We particularly love their bralette and boyfriend shorts combo for that sexy comfy look.


A very affordable alternative and can’t lie, we love all their options! Anything ribbed and knitted is perfect for opening presents on Christmas morning. Additionally, their jersey pieces and athleisure-inspired looks are great options to transition from bed to coffee run.

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