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Here’s Why We Miss The Powerful Mai Troppo Era of Bulgari

Here’s Why We Miss The Powerful Mai Troppo Era of Bulgari

When I think about high jewellery, I think about elite quality campaigns such as Mai Troppo from Bulgari (stylised Bvlgari). There are others like Graff and Tiffany’s, the latter which has been covered by sseditorial, but Bulgari is on another level. Firstly, they use well-known models or celebrities to be the face of their new campaigns. The latest Bulgari commercial that garnered positive reviews was for their Unexpected Wonders collection. The Unexpected Wonders commercial featured Zendaya and Anne Hathaway.

Anne Hathaway and Zendaya wore items from the collection whilst lounging in a mansion. Before this happened, I can think back to another iconic commercial. The Mai Troppo (Never Too Much) commercial featured Zendaya, Naomi Scott and Lily Aldridge. It could be more glamorous than the Unexpected Wonders campaign.

Mai Troppo

The Mai Troppo commercial begins with helicopters transporting a sculpture in Italy before a woman runs along a compound to inform her peers, “She is here.” The film then goes through many actors who are both amazed, intrigued and bored by her. For example, “She” is described as a woman who enjoys male and female company while having a whole house just for her clothes. In the background, a modernised version of Giuseppe Verdi’s La Forza del Destino Overture plays.

This style of appealing to the customer’s innermost desires keeps multimillion-value companies in business. It is a technique that Ralph Lauren also uses. Ralph Lauren loves tradition and family and often weaves that into his advertising campaigns. Furthermore, education and wealth are also embedded into his work, creating a sense of familial luxury for the consumer.

No one at the moment is producing better jewellery adverts than Bulgari. The commercials don’t use modern household names or showcase the most lucrative designs. Bulgari excels in these departments. Hopefully, Dior can make a “comeback”, but it’s too early to tell.

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