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I’m Not Buying You A Christmas Present This Year

I’m Not Buying You A Christmas Present This Year

I am not sure what it is about the holiday period this year, but I feel like such a Grinch! With Boris telling us that there won’t be a lockdown at this moment, I feel like I’m walking on eggshells. Should I go out and risk catching the new variant, or should I stay at home and stare at the same walls all day? Decisions, decisions. But I can tell you one thing I’ve decided. That’s to say sorry for not buying any presents for anyone.

Christmas Mood

I’m not being funny, but no one cares enough, so why should I? There are four days until Christmas Day, and I haven’t purchased anything. I shop a lot so I benefit from next day delivery. Surely no one will push my order to the top of the list, with it being Christmas? I am usually in the mood, but if most of my friends and family aren’t, I’m less likely to want to get involved. It just kind of seems like a joke this year, which I’m used to because it was pretty much the same vibe last year.

The Parties

Sometimes, I want to host large gatherings with friends to celebrate the festive season. It doesn’t really have anything to do with Christmas as such, but more geared towards love. Platonic and romantic love. Seeing people that you haven’t seen for a long time and being able to enjoy happiness is a human emotion that shouldn’t be denied to anyone.

I love a good party because they’re a great way to rekindle relationships with people I haven’t seen. I used a party to say sorry to someone, and we have had the strongest relationship since. Parties are really good for the time as well, due to the pandemic climate. We all want a reason to get pissed and laugh, don’t we?

Last minute Shopping

Last-minute shopping is not the one. Be serious for one second. Can you really be asked to go out and shop for your dearest? Sorry, but I can’t. I can’t think of anything worse. Sitting on the underground on my way to Oxford Street feels like a big old waste of time and health risk.

Last-minute sales are just a way for sorry high-street brands to grab your money at the last minute. I’ve become more of a conscious shopper since reading the sustainable articles here at SSEDITORIAL, so I feel like a pro.

It’s Too Late

Isn’t it too late to buy a Christmas present? Why couldn’t loved ones tell me what they wanted ages ago? I’m not really a fan of the notion that you should dote upon people on one day during the year. Loved ones should be doted upon all year round. It’s too late to run around like a headless chicken because people couldn’t make up their minds earlier. Yeah, sure. Maybe I do have the money to buy what you need me to, but now I have to make arrangements to please you. Sorry, but I can’t be asked.

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Am I just a Grinch?

I don’t think I am a Grinch. In order to be a Grinch, you have to rain on someone’s parade, right? Or, in other words, literally spoil the Christmas spirit. I can’t spoil the Christmas spirit if no one in my family or friends has any. This may tie into my point above, but I don’t think many people are feeling the festive aura themselves. I get the vibe that everyone is anxious about a lockdown and just being underwhelmed by society in general. We’ve had a tough few years; some of us have saved money, but what can we buy? We want to go on holiday and see the world, but we can’t due to the risk of variants.

It’s a tough decision at the end of the day, but I think we’ve left it too late to buy presents. I hope I’m not being a negative Nancy, and if I am, I can only say sorry. Maybe people should speak up sooner. Now, I’d have to be sentimental and think about what someone would want, buy wrapping paper and surprise them. No, thanks. Let’s just go to dinner and enjoy each other’s company.

Yep. I’m definitely a Grinch.

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