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The Sunshine Is Everything In The UK Right Now

The Sunshine Is Everything In The UK Right Now

Every time we get sunshine in the UK, my spirits naturally lift. I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. Even though the sun in April can be deceptive, I still want to go on walks and plan some downtime in my local park. Take this week, for example. It was a Bank Holiday on Monday, so I took the time to rest. This week, I’ve had yoga and body conditioning classes.

Physically, I feel terrific. Mainly because it was during the day and the sunshine was out before and after my class. Most of my friends took the time to chill out with their friends and family. I’m grateful and happy that they did, too, because, on most days, you can lose track of those who mean the most to you.

Activities for the Sunshine

There are endless things I want to do when the sunshine is out. Most of the time, I like to write, but on other days, I go to the gym, listen to music, watch a film or TV series and stare at my bookshelf.

It’s a sad state of affairs when I’d rather stare at a book than read it, but there we are. I think the number of words is a turn-off for me. That’s probably the reason why I prefer magazines. Imagery can be just as moving as words. As a writer and a lover of images, I can’t say which is better. No one should. But I await the day I can get lost in a book. It’s a polite way of shutting down the outside world while appearing occupied. Everyone respects a reader. I’d go so far as to say that I admire readers because it’s a dwindling art.

A Good Book

I created a Goodreads account to increase the number of physical books I read in one year. But I haven’t had much action there. I also hate that I’m not enjoying the current book I’m reading. I’ve heard people say that if I don’t like it, I should put the book down and pick up another, but I can’t. I have a habit of starting tasks and leaving them unfinished. It’s why I refused to start a new TV series on Netflix until I finish Power. I’m doomed. Well, not really.

I’m not a super strict person, so if I did want to watch a film, I would do so. Maybe during May, I can try to pick it up again. I’m thinking of exploring new ways of learning, and digital access can sometimes be a bore. Plus, if you work with a screen all day, sometimes having a physical copy in front of you is like a warm hug.

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I know that’s one of the benefits of a tangible good. Getting lost in a good book is just as good as getting lost in a good magazine. That’s how I feel when I read sseditorial. It’s like a book of wellness for me. Whenever I need new beauty tips, I come here. I’m a whizz when it comes to fashion, but I can’t possibly cover everything. So, I like to read other articles and keep up with whatever celebrity is on the platform.

It’s a super nice day out today, and I haven’t heard of any signs that there will be rain, so I might take another turn outside. Then again, it is getting late, so cooking some dinner sounds more sensible.

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