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Premium Fashion Brands Are Worth Investing In Now

Premium Fashion Brands Are Worth Investing In Now

Premium fashion brands are found locally or in your city centre on most high streets. You’ve probably mistaken a few high-street brands for premium brands because of their clothing. But don’t let this catch you out any longer. If a high-street brand sells a coat for £120, that does not automatically make it a premium brand. In this case, the high-street brand must sell superior-quality products.

A few premium brands that come to mind include Massimo Dutti, Tommy Hilfiger, Acne Studios and Canada Goose. That is not an exhaustive list, but it is a great start. If you’re unsure of a premium brand I haven’t listed here, compare the two. The main thing you’re looking for is similar garments at similar pricing points.

The Fabric Quality of Premium Brands

Premium brands are such because of the quality of garments and fabrics used. Often, 100% cotton is used in basics, or there is a higher percentage of wool in sweaters. This means that your jumpers and sweaters become more durable and last longer. They last well beyond the time constraints of one year, which most high-street brands cannot match. Therein lies one of the many benefits of shopping at premium brands.

Once you shop at premium brands, you’ll enter the world of a targeted consumer. You may purchase a sweater from Tommy Hilfiger because of the infamous logo instead of the sweater’s actual composition. For example, would you consider this a good purchase if a sweater from Tommy is 80% Polyurethane and 20% cotton? I’m not going to tell you what the answer is, but there is certainly an answer.

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An image of a woman wearing a mustard linen dress from a premium fashion brands.

Consequently, when shopping at a premium brands store, you will purchase anything you like. This is because these stores tend to sell curated items. Items that are marketed towards their dream customer. Not a pool of strangers who couldn’t be farther alike. There are fewer colours on offer when you shop at a premium brand store. The designs are unlike the high-street, and the shoes are more demure. As unpopular as it may seem, seeing someone in the exact item as you is a compliment. It means someone else thinks that you’ve got great style.

Premium Fashion Brands

Premium fashion brands are your first step to purchasing better fabric and quality items. But it is also the first step into buying items for marketing instead of the care and attention that physically went into making them. Sometimes, you won’t be able to help it because great garments and logos can go hand in hand. Ensure you understand what you’re purchasing, and never make a purchase without checking the care label. There’s nothing worse than buying an item that has to go to the dry cleaners.

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