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Euphoria’s Best Fashion Moments So Far

Euphoria’s Best Fashion Moments So Far

In honour of Season 2 of HBO’s Euphoria finally returning to our screens, let’s discuss Euphoria’s best fashion moments that happen to be favourites. The iconic show has featured looks from brands such as I.Am.Gia, Réalisation Par and Miu Miu. Each outfit allows us to understand our characters even more.

The outfits on Euphoria go beyond just clothes. They are utilised to their full potential to reflect the characters’ self-expression, mentality and personal development throughout the show. Moreover, the symbolism behind every look is part of what makes it one of my favourite shows. 

Euphoria’s Best: Jules’ Juliet costume

First up, Jules. Jules’ homage to Clare Danes’ Juliet from Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet (1996) places a modern twist on the mid-90s look. It even features the trademark glitter eye makeup that the show is famous for. This look is beautifully understated in monochromatic white which contrasts Jules’ usual over-the-top and artistic fashion. It is this contrast that makes Jules’ outfit so perfect to me.

The understated nature of her look feels like a costume, as Jules’ usual self-expression is elaborate and colourful. Jules’ outfit particularly contrasts the usual attitude to Halloween outfits, especially those worn by characters like Kat and Cassie. This is definitely one of Euphoria’s best character outfits to date. A clear win for the costume design department.

Favourite: Maddy’s Prom Look

Next comes Maddy and her prom outfit. Maddy’s outfit for Winter Formal was one of my absolute favourite looks from the show. Her obsession with Old Hollywood glamour shone through! Her outfit fixated around glitz and sparkle with her usual modern twist of the Instagram ‘Baddie’. The sheer diamanté co-ord channelled Rose McGowan’s 1998 VMA look. Surprisingly, Rose’s award ceremony look has also been credited as the inspiration behind Rihanna’s iconic CFDS Award sheer dress and bandana look.

Favourite: Lexi in Miu Miu

Afterwards, one of the best outfits comes from Lexi. Lexi Howard is one of the most beloved characters in Euphoria; portraying the character of an overlooked younger sister to the popular Cassie Howard; her sweet and unproblematic nature has made her a favourite for many on the internet. Lexi’s white poplin top featuring a black bow and eyelet trim accentuates her position as the sweet and innocent character.

Euphoria’s Best: Maddy’s Carnival Look

Maddy’s carnival look quickly became one of the most iconic looks from the show. Unsurprisingly, it was one of 2019’s most popular Halloween costumes. The purple two-piece set from I.Am.Gia featured cut-outs on the hips.

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This outfit instigated a trend that filtered all the way down to the high street. It was paired with a rhinestone winged eyeliner and a nude lip that tied the whole look together. It is clear that Maddy’s carnival looks were one of Euphoria’s best outfits on a character to date.

Favourite: Rue’s Carnival Outfit

Finally, Rue’s carnival outfit was a big favourite of mine. Rue epitomises tomboyish style throughout the show. Her effortless and oversized styling with minimal makeup creates the sense of a cool girl. Rue is so cool that she doesn’t even need to try.

Rue’s outfit at the carnival features a tan duster jacket over a crop top and some straight leg jeans that crop just above her black high-top Converse. This look aligns with Rue’s usual effortlessly cool style. Comparatively, it is juxtaposed with her elaborate eye makeup which was an iconic beauty moment within the show. Rue’s makeup is often simple and natural. but when she does experiment with makeup, she does so through her eyes; her glittery under-eyes that mimic tears were by far the most famous of her makeup looks in Season 1.


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