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You Need Affirmations In Your Life

You Need Affirmations In Your Life

On those days when you can’t stand people, what do you do to switch off? Go for a walk? Put your phone on do not disturb? These are both very good ideas, and ones that we love. But we also love positive affirmations. If you don’t know what positive affirmations are, they are used as an aid for meditation. Affirmations are sentences that you say are enablers for you and your life. You say them in the morning, during the day or at night as a way of internally boosting your confidence. Similarly, for those of our readers who suffer from imposter syndrome, we would highly recommend you try the art of affirmations.

The reason we recommend affirmations is because of how easy they are to link to the stillness of meditation. Meditation is something that is very difficult for newcomers to ease themselves into. The reason being is that you usually try meditating because of how busy your life is. But if you haven’t experienced anything in life except for a fast pace, then you become accustomed to that way of life. Consequently, when you try meditating for the first time, it will be difficult.

Meditation requires you to “empty your mind” and focus on nothing. There can be music in the background or the sound of someone’s voice to aid you through the exercise. If you’re used to a noisy background, you can find a meditation patronising. Affirmations are geared towards the way of life that you truly want. They’re an excellent form of helping you to understand the law of attraction if you believe in that.

Affirmations and their motivations

Another reason we love affirmations, and we mentioned it earlier is because of the confidence it gives. Sometimes we’re exhausted with the amount that we’d like to truly achieve every day. But then, we listen to an affirmation and are working alongside our Editor-in-chief to create the world’s best fashion book, built on inclusivity and diversity.

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If you’re feeling down, listen to a video on positive affirmations and let us know what you thought about it in the comments below. We’d be interested to know how you feel. Alternatively, if you’re familiar with affirmations, let us know if you’d recommend them.

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