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Baths Are Sometimes Better Than Showers

Baths Are Sometimes Better Than Showers

It’s a Sunday evening and we’re contemplating the benefits of having baths versus a shower. Though the two often substitute for each other, there is no reason why you can’t have both in one day. Unless you’re a cat in which case you clean yourself.

But on days like this where we encourage overtly showing love to yourself, a bath may be your better option. The first reason is how romantic it is. You have to grab the plug and wait for the hot water to get to a point you’ll enjoy. Then you have the option of having a plain bath or using oils. The more oils the better you’ll smell once you get out. From Blair Waldorf to Crystal Allen, we’ve been given ample sources of inspiration on what to do when we’re in the bath. You can add a bunch of soap and dream about exfoliation. Or you can eat macarons in the bath and plan you’re next big adventure.

The second reason we love baths on restful days to showers is that it gives you time to think. Taking a moment to yourself to try and centre your thoughts is a very grown-up thing to do. Most of us want to do it. Taking a bath is like an invitation to achieve one of your goals. You don’t have to think so much about how much water you’ll be wasting because you’re too busy relaxing. Meditation is a huge component of a lot of our spiritual needs. Whether we know it or not. Taking the time out of your day to switch off is a must. You don’t really have the time to grab your phone or answer calls when you’re in the bath. Tell everyone else to go away. You’re busy trying not to think for 30 minutes.

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