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Body Positive Accounts You Need To Follow

Body Positive Accounts You Need To Follow

Social media is both a curse and a blessing. While it gives us a platform to connect with like-minded people and share our passions, it makes us fall victim to comparisons. Loving your body is already difficult without the sight of Instagram models but beauty enhancement tools and the cult of perfection make it a real challenge. Suddenly, we become aware of all our flaws and imperfections. But, are they really flaws? What happens if we say no to beauty standards and turn to self-love instead?

Below are top body positive Instagram accounts you should follow this year.


Danae’s page isn’t only about embracing natural beauty but about embracing who you are. Just like her description says ‘reminding you you’re special’, her posts are a journey of self-love and acceptance. She challenges modern beauty standards and aims to remove the stigma attached to flaws and beauty. Additionally, she exposes influencers’ tricks that make their bodies look flawless, to show that social media is just an illusion. What’s real is the love and care you feel for yourself. Visit her Instagram and join the world of cellulite and stretch marks – and let go of striving for perfection.


Clara Dao is ‘here to remind you to love your body’ with a regular dose of positivity and self-love. Her page is mainly dedicated to women with slim frames and small chests but sends a universal message: you’re good enough and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Moreover, whatever shape your body is, it’s amazing because it’s yours and nobody else’s business. Check out her Instagram to turn your insecurity into a source of empowerment.


In a world where women are pressured to look perfect, we often compare ourselves to what we see on social media. Not everyone can photoshop their images to fit into generic beauty standards, with flawless skin. All you have to do is use a filter or simple correction tool. The problem is that when we look into the mirror, the reality might be very different from our online persona which has a negative impact on our mental health. Luckily, there are Instagrammers like Anja who prove that acne is beautiful and natural. Her page teaches self-acceptance and shows you that skin doesn’t define who you are. Who says you can’t be your own beauty standard?

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Take Back Postpartum

Body positive Instagram accounts aren’t meant to be just a confidence boost. They’re about accepting your body for what it is, and its changes. Take Back Postpartum celebrates all bodies, with a focus on post-pregnancy shapes, praising them for their abilities and beauty. Apart from a gallery that embraces stretch marks and pregnancy bellies, you can expect to come across posts that talk about self-love. Whether you’re a mum or just looking for inspiration, this account will teach you how to view your body as a shrine capable of amazing things.


Lastly, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and Bee does a great job at exemplifying it. On her page, she talks about issues such as eating disorders and other mental health difficulties, which makes it an educational platform and a blog everyone can relate to in one way or the other. Bee takes us on a tour through her struggle to self-love (the process of becoming body positive and learning to accept herself fully). Join Bee and her journey, and fall in love with the vulnerability that is both empowering and freeing.

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