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Hey, It’s Time You Went For A Walk

Hey, It’s Time You Went For A Walk

Let’s face it. Sitting indoors over going for a walk all day isn’t going to help you to get over it. Whatever will be, will be. It’s okay to sulk, but other times you need a kick up the bum and a friend to get you moving. Consider us that friend. As of late, we’ve seen many people close to us and famous suffer from a decrease in their mental health. We’re not clear on what those reasons are, but we do know that it is sufficiently serious. The brain plays tricks on the best of us and if we don’t snap out of the rabbit hole that we’re in, it can have crucial consequences.

Through a few articles on our platform about ways to pick yourself up, today we want to suggest another that hasn’t yet come up. That is the benefit of getting out of the house for a moment.

There are a few of us who label ourselves as “homebodies”, but even that isn’t enough. Everyone needs to escape their four walls often. Think about the time when we couldn’t do this due to the global pandemic. The only thing you heard everyone say is that they missed their friends and the daily routines that they were used to. We were all dying to get out of the house. But now that we’re allowed out, we’ve chosen to stay in.

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We’re not neglecting that this isn’t a problem because we believe it to be one. Our lives post covid-19 haven’t bounced back yet. There are still friends and family members that we haven’t seen. Additionally, we haven’t gotten back to our usual selves of travelling as much. Going for a walk by yourself with some music or with someone else brings intimacy back into the picture. It breeds a safe space for you to be honest about your feelings. Take a walk today, and look after yourself.

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