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Pick Your Favourite! Here Is the Easiest Summer Bucket List

Pick Your Favourite! Here Is the Easiest Summer Bucket List

Summer can make you feel alive like no other season. There seems to be more joy in the air, the good weather makes you productive, and you know that a bit of freedom is just around the corner. But if you aren’t planning to go travelling or don’t have many friends to hang out with, the fear of missing out and mindless scrolling might be more on the cards than adventures.

If you don’t know how to spend your days off yet, here’s how you can make this summer memorable without leaving the city:

Visit a Funfair This Summer

When I think of summer, I think of my childhood. Especially about how happy I felt on the last day of school. Even though I’ve had a better time as an adult, nothing can compare to that feeling of innocence and freedom I experienced as a kid. If you share the sentiment, why not appeal to your inner child and visit a funfair? A bit of adrenaline rush will keep you entertained and bring back the nostalgia. Plus, when you’re on a ride or queuing to buy a tasty treat, using a smartphone will be a lot less appealing. This summer, it’s a good idea to just focus on the present moment.


Learn a New Skill

If you’re as good at procrastination as I am, chances are there’s something you promised yourself you’d try but never got around to actually doing it. Sometimes you might put off the task because it’s boring. But in many cases, procrastination comes from the fear of failure. Unfortunately, social media can make you believe that only perfection is worth celebrating.

This summer, I encourage you to forget about learning a skill to post on Instagram later. And do something for yourself, just for the satisfaction of a small win. You can even make it your goal to do it badly. Try skateboarding and expect to fall, watch a movie in a foreign language and write down words you find interesting instead of taking part in a lesson, or try something you know you won’t be good at.

Swim in the Sea or a Lake

If spring is the time of new beginnings, then summer is the time to unwind and participate in so-called slow living that encourages you to appreciate the world around you. Swimming in the sea is the best way to cultivate this kind of mindset. Not only because it’s relaxing but also because being around water is said to be similar to meditating. According to the blue mind theory, the sea can put you in a dreamy state that improves your well-being. Just don’t forget to pack sunscreen.

Try a Digital Detox This Summer

Another slow-living idea is doing a digital detox for a day or two. When was the last time you didn’t go down the rabbit hole reading Reddit or watching videos on TikTok? The Internet isn’t a total waste of time and can be an aid in many people’s daily life. But you should be fine going off the grid for 24 hours. You might even realise that you’re happier this way. Without distractions, you can get more things done, and you don’t give in to social comparison. Just pretend it’s the 70s and focus on what really matters: your hobbies, your loved ones and self-care.

Take Part in a Social Activity

Summer can be the most fun time of the year, but it can also feel lonely. Especially if you don’t have a support network or if your friends are too busy with work. Luckily, there are many social activities you can take part in. For example, you could try an outdoor cinema experience, attend speed dating, volunteer at an animal shelter, go to a local festival or sign up for a class. People with stronger social bonds are less likely to suffer from stress and depression. Consider getting more social so that your body releases the feel-good hormones.

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