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Improve Your Self-Care Routine With These Beauty Tricks

Improve Your Self-Care Routine With These Beauty Tricks

Beauty regimes exist so that we feel good. However, oftentimes beauty regimes can be as superficial as they come. The main point of a beauty regime is to invest self-care and love back into yourself after a period of neglect. If you are Asian, you are more likely to practice beauty regimes that support the ideology of ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Using makeup and beauty products is a great outlet for creative expression, but it can also take on an unhealthy form if you rely upon conforming to society’s beauty standards too much.

It’s time to switch things around and access beauty from a place of genuine love for yourself. It’s not always about reducing wrinkles and having clear skin. Sometimes it’s about making time to focus entirely on yourself. Of course, a beautiful appearance is a bonus. 

Follow these beauty tricks to improve your self-care routine: 

1. Try a face massage 

As you may have learned, face massage benefits are hard to beat. They range from improved blood circulation and skin elasticity to reduced wrinkles and acne. But what really makes it an essential part of a self-care routine is its calming effect. Paying attention to your facial muscles can make a huge difference when it comes to unwinding as most of us don’t even realize how much tension we hold there. Give it a try and notice how your stress levels decrease instantly. 

2. Add blush to your makeup routine

You might be wondering; how does something as simple as applying blush can have anything to do with self-care? But before you skip to the next position on the list, hear me out. Blush might not be your makeup of choice but it can make you look more youthful and energized as it dims your dark circles at the same time. Since your face reflects the way you feel and vice versa, adding colours to your face will be a mood booster.

3. Get yourself a night mask

Self-care refers to anything that increases your wellbeing and what’s a better way to make it a priority than adding nigh time skincare to the equation? Night mask sheets work their magic when you’re fast asleep and have a cooling agent that promotes relaxation before you hit the sack. Applying a mask is the last step of my routine. It makes me feel like I’ve done everything I was supposed to that day and can treat myself with this final act of self-love. Plus, it feels amazing to wake up in the morning with glowing skin. 

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4. Pamper your skin with a peeling

A peel helps to remove dead skin and make your body extra soft. The additional advantage is that it forces you to give yourself undivided attention. When you apply makeup, you’re most likely thinking about the event you’re going to. But when you apply the peeling, the relaxing movements can ground you in the present. It’s also a great excuse to soak yourself in a bath.

5. Use spray tan instead of sunbed

Since the summer season is long gone, tanning might not be your top priority but it’s still important to learn how to protect your skin from harmful effects. Tan beds can seem like a great solution as it offers long-lasting results but it also exposes you to UV rays that cause ageing and sunspots. If you want to give your skin a darker colour, opt for spray tanning instead. Just make sure you test it on a small area of the skin beforehand. 

6. Take care of your feet 

Finally, with all the life challenges and commitments we make, not everyone has the time and money for professional beauty procedures. However, there are ways to introduce a bit of spa treatment to your home. If you ever long for relief after a long day of work, don’t just settle for a bath. Get your feet into a foot mask. The cool sensation will ease the pain and make you feel extremely relaxed. All of this plus spotless skin.

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