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Burnout Signs & How To Spot Them

Burnout Signs & How To Spot Them

Oftentimes, I have friends who I haven’t spoken to in a while because they’re taking a break from all forms of external contact. I don’t get upset by this as I am a big believer in taking the time away from your life to hit the reset button. For example, during the summertime of every year, I usually deactivate my social media accounts to avoid a burnout. A burnout occurs when you can’t physically do anything because your too mentally exhausted. The mass communications of having an open line of communication can often seem forced. So, I think it’s a perfect habit to get used to, of telling your friends that you accept them distancing themselves for a while.

It just so happened that recently I experienced a burnout. I was working long hours consistently for two months without thinking. I was so consumed with hitting my goals, that I forgot to take care of myself and I ended up crying. The great thing about this is that I spoke to someone who understands what it meant to overwork yourself.

Through this I learnt one thing. Always speak up when something is not right. But more importantly, takes note of how many breakdowns you have and what happened in the lead up to them. This way you will be able to track what your triggers are to prevent yourself from burning out. For example, one of my triggers is is that I don’t take care of my skin. The stay seem shallow, but when you seen dad much money as I do on skincare, you intend on using it. Giving yourself the warning signs that you need to prosper is key. A burnout is a real thing and an sometimes the up to five years to recover from.

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