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The Woman AKA Rihanna In Black

The Woman AKA Rihanna In Black

As the days go on, we come ever closer to Rihanna becoming another for the first time. Currently expectation a bay with rapper ASAP Rocky, the singer and business mogul posted a few images for us to enjoy. There are a few people that we enjoy seeing on the red carpet because of the original and creative flair that they bring. A few names that we will mention are Zendaya, Olivia Palermo and of course, Rihanna. Rihana posted a few images to her Twitter platform a few weeks ago in honour of the Oscar’s Vanity Fair After Party.

A frequent of the Vanity Fair after-party, Rihanna potentially missed the awards this year because she is due any day now. Her non-attendance was missed but not unexpected. The further along you are in your pregnancy the more careful you gave to be with the things that you do. Moreover, you have to reduce the amount of time that you spend on your feet as it could lead to complications.

The business mogul looked like a sexy mother to be, with her baby bump on show. Speaking of her baby bump, which has been on display ever since her pregnancy announcement. When it comes to mothers, there is a cliche sense of holiness that becomes a mother’s style. But not where Rihanna si concerned. She has totally transformed the fashion space with regard to maternity wear.

Rihanna shoots at home for Vanity Fair

She has remained true to her sense of style throughout her pregnancy thus far, being fun and playing with fashion. She has cradled her bump just as ost soon-to-be mothers do at every turn and begun to waddle. You know the waddle walk that mothers do when they’re due to give birth soon. She was also caught on camera a few months ago saying she wanted a cheeseburger. The cravings are well and truly there, but midst it all she has given us what she needed to along the way. Good luck to the happy couple and check out Rihanna’s Vanity Fair images below.

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