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Chelsea Handler’s Beautiful and Open Mind

Chelsea Handler’s Beautiful and Open Mind

White supremacy is the notion that white people are superior to other races and should therefore dominate them. The conversation of race is becoming more prevalent and, as such, should be analysed. Aside from being a stellar comedian and actress, Chelsea Handler has used her platform to bring awareness to race and equality issues.

Chelsea has added new and inviting content onto her platforms to combat racism with anti-racism. Participating in such movements is crucial for the world for many reasons. Firstly we are currently in the middle of a global pandemic. Secondly, the world is finally being punched in the gut with all the decisions and consequences they made 400+ years ago.

Black people and other people of colour have been tormented for many years and finally have nothing to lose. We are currently witnessing a marginalised group of people choosing to fight against injustice and inequality.

Chelsea uses her Instagram platform to “share the mic” and educate those who may not have the time to do so. ‘Share the mic’ is an activity performed on social media whereby individuals with large platforms invite activists with significant issues to communicate to broadcast their message to a much wider audience. Consider Marlon Brando giving the Native Indian community a chance to bring attention to problems during the Oscars. Chelsea has been using her platform to share the mic with those who want to educate individuals about issues that people of colour face.

If you follow Chelsea Handler on Instagram, you already know how much she confidently stands up for human rights. She has used all her platforms to discuss issues surrounding politics, race and sexism. To name a few. These actions open up a space to have a complex dialogue and genuinely face the problem so that we can collectively come up with solutions. No more blame games.

“If you get defensive when someone explains white supremacy to you, then you suffer from not knowing enough yet. There’s no shame in that, but there is a lot of shame in denying the oppression of black people in order to serve whites better in this country.”

Chelsea Handler

Education is not always accessible, especially if it means unlearning behaviours that cause unconscious/conscious bias. I have comprised some tips below for you to make educating yourself easier. The Chelsea Way.


Most tips below are simple, but they will only work if you keep an open mind!

  • Educate yourself on a crucial worldly issue, then share your findings with your followers.
  • Watch short videos which explain complex theories, such as white supremacy.
  •  Follow one new person on social media so you feel safe.
  • Try to watch or listen to different news outlets.
  • Have a dialogue with someone online or in real life to get their opinions on these issues.

Benefits of these tips:

My favourite tip has to be point number five. This is because educating yourself is a challenging task. You may be busy and need more time or energy to immerse yourself in a world that can upset you.

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Having an open dialogue informs you in an eye-opening way, so you can take your time when digesting information. When speaking to someone, you have the luxury of comprehending what is being said whilst learning at your own pace. The individual teaching you something new will be vigilant towards social queues. They can therefore get a feel for when they’ve given you enough information for one day.

Speaking to people about issues is one of the oldest tricks in the books. It allows us to relieve stress about anything and everything. This is why having a second and third party there to help inform you is invaluable.

Looking Ahead

We are not fortune-tellers, so we don’t know the future. However, it does look promising. The world is now aware that race is not an exclusive problem, which we leave the vulnerable to fight on their own. We must stand up for what is right and condemn injustice. Read our Editor’s views on where she wants future development.

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