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Pharrell Williams: a Unique Journey from Music to Fashion

Pharrell Williams: a Unique Journey from Music to Fashion


With much anticipation, it was recently announced that Pharrell Williams would succeed Virgil Abloh as creative director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear line. It seems perfectly appropriate for the pop singer to take on the role of a fashion designer, given their already positive relationship with the company and Virgil Abloh. Nevertheless, will the transition from music to fashion be challenging?

Pharrell and His Collaborations

With the premiere of his Millionaire collection in 2004 with current Kenzo artistic director Nigo, Pharrell has long since collaborated with Louis Vuitton. He created four sets of Louis Vuitton (“LV”) sunglasses, each in a unique colour. He collaborated closely with Camille Miceli, LV’s jewellery consultant, to create rings, earrings, and yellow and white gold necklaces. In 2008, he also began the Blason Jewellery collection, unveiled during couture week.

Historically, Pharrell has collaborated with several brands, including Kiehl’s, Laduree, and Galerie Perrotin. In 2013, he worked with Moncler to create four pairs of sunglasses that matched the brand’s distinctive aesthetic. Following the G I R L exhibition at Galerie Perrotin in May 2014, where he gave a sneak peek of his then-upcoming album, also named G I R L, he collaborated with Comme des Garcons to make a perfume with the same name in September 2014.

The Adventure with Adidas

Pharrell frequently collaborated with Adidas Originals. Most notably in 2014, when the brand secured an exclusive long-term partnership deal. This is a first for Adidas, who previously only launched capsule collections. Ten pairs of Adidas Stan Smith shoes were re-released, featuring Pharrell’s custom artwork.

He returned to the company with the debut of the Superstar Supercolour collection in March 2015. This was an upgrade to the original from 1969. The same year, he collaborated with Adidas to release a second collection. It featured his beloved polka dot pattern and Stan Smith sneakers, and a tracksuit jacket made of Italian goatskin.

“Supercolour is a celebration of equality through diversity. With 50 colours of the Superstar, everybody will be able to select his or her colour.”

Pharrell Williams, 2015

The Importance of Sustainability

Pharrell is a proponent of sustainability. He has previously served as the creative director and brand ambassador for Bionic Yarn. He collaborated with G-Star RAW in June 2014 to develop a line of sustainable jeans made from used plastic bottles. The collection included trousers, bomber jackets, trench coats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts for both men and women. All were made from recycled plastic from the ocean. He then unveiled a second collection in March 2015. This included a more comprehensive range of hoodies, caps, and rompers.

Pharrell is “Other”

Not only has he worked with Nigo at Louis Vuitton, but he has collaborated with the designer on many occasions. He also created his line of T-shirts with Uniqlo whilst Nigo was UT’s (Uniqlo T-shirts) creative director.

The “I am OTHER” collaboration includes men’s and women’s T-shirts in 14 colours and designs. The collaboration also had seven different types of baseball caps. These include Pharrell’s messages, such as “Think Other” and “THE SAME IS LAME.” Pharrell and Nigo were also the founders of the Billionaire Boys Club in 2003. It is now recognised globally as a luxury streetwear brand for clothing and accessories. Inspired b