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Astrology And Horoscope Dates May Actually Surprise You

Astrology And Horoscope Dates May Actually Surprise You

Instead of asking why astrology is so popular, let’s ask, ‘Why not’? It’s time to defend astrology and horoscope girls. Modern dating takes a lot of work to navigate. On the one hand, women must have ambition, be intriguing and offer more than just good looks. On the other, they have to make sure they don’t ‘take themselves too seriously’.

I have no idea what women’s profiles are like on dating apps. However, according to men who try their luck there, the market is saturated with ‘astrology girls’.

An astrology girl is simply a person who’s into astrology. But apparently, too many take it to the extreme and let it dictate their lives. Some Redditors even worry that their interest in astrology is a red flag and makes it impossible to find a partner.

I’ve been asked by a few of my matches on dating apps to say how I feel about astrology myself. When I replied that astrology is not something I’m very concerned with, I could almost feel the relief through the screen. But is something really wrong with reading horoscopes and wanting to know someone’s Zodiac sign?

I think there’s no need to be so negative about astrology, and here is why.

It’s good to have interests

Astrology may now seem basic (or trendy), but aren’t things like watching Netflix, drinking, and doing yoga ordinary too? Football bores me to death, and I don’t understand the need to spend hours playing video games. However, I don’t belittle someone just because their hobbies differ. At least they’re passionate about something. You can learn from them, even if you think the knowledge adds no value to your life.

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Astrology is a good red-flag detector

But wait, isn’t being interested in astrology a red flag itself?

Unless someone ditches you when they find out your zodiac sign isn’t compatible with theirs, the interest is pretty innocent. In fact, being into astrology can be really useful when you’re dating. Just let your match know it’s one of your interests and wait for their reaction. Suppose they get negative about something that doesn’t affect them. In that case, it’s a good indicator they’ll criticise everything else they don’t understand. Yes, including that cheesy TV series that you like.

Relationships are about respecting each other’s non-mutual interests and things that make the other person happy, no matter how illogical they might seem. Star signs might not accurately describe a person, but an interest in astrology will.

If a guy makes you feel stupid for being into it, you know you’re better off without him.

Astrology can be a tool to improve your life

A horoscope provides generic information everyone can relate to – one of the main criticisms of astrology. Is that a bad thing?

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Reading a prediction about what might happen in the nearest future and what you should pay attention to helps you reflect on your aspirations, become more self-aware and sometimes make positive changes. For example, suppose the horoscope says that there’s someone special in your life, you should get to know better. In that case, it encourages you to prioritise social relationships more.

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Horoscopes are fun and can make you feel better

Do we have to take life so seriously all the time? Sometimes it’s nice to forget what’s logical and believe a horoscope that says we’ll find our soulmate. It might not come true, but at least it gives us peace and happiness. It’s almost like an assurance: ‘Yes, you’re doing everything right, so take a deep breath and enjoy the moment’. We’re heading towards where we want to be in life.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to surround yourself with positivity.

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