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Flowers Are What The House Needs

Flowers Are What The House Needs

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Gifting flowers is truly becoming a lost art. Remember the days when you’d pluck flowers from someone else’s garden? Or when you made flower bracelets and gave them to your best friends? It’s time to bring that energy back. Now that you’ve grown up a little, flowering is still a great way to pass the time, but you also don’t want it to be childish. So what better way to bring back the art of flowering than to get some new flowers for the house.

You don’t have to worry about whether your friend has hayfever or what their favourite flower is. Start small. Trust us, if anyone will like it, the members of your household will. It’s a sign that love exists in the house and that it is well kept. If you’re the type of person to leave the windows open during the day, you’ll attract bees which is a sign of luck. Read the story on the best flowers to buy and why.


Let’s begin with orchids. They’re stunning and work well with other flowers. They’re a sign of elegance, which makes Orchids a total winner in our book. As you continue to grow with grace, you’ll want your house to reflect that fact. When you’re out on the town next, don’t forget to pick up some Orchids. You can purchase orchids by themselves or you can get them as part of a mixed bunch.


Hydrangeas are flowers that you need to put on your flowers shopping list. They represent gratitude and deep understanding. They are the perfect underrated symbol sitting in the middle of your table. They’re also beautiful and once again not very popular. You’re bound to receive compliments from guests. Hydrangeas are lovely by themselves or embedded within a bigger bouquet selection.


Tulips are very popular flowers. Interestingly, white Tulips are commonly mistaken for white Lilies. Tulips represent true love, honesty and hope. We like to describe them as the flower of romance, which makes them the perfect flowers for the house. It spruces up boring wallpaper and draws attention to the heart of the house. They’re excellent gifts for friends and family members also, so we would certainly recommend that you send some to your loved ones.

African Violet

African Violet flowers are a rarity. You barely see them in flower pots on your friend’s and families’ tables which is why they’re great. You can introduce your guests to these flowers whilst also displaying them beautifully in your home. African Violets represent spiritual wisdom and faithfulness. What better way to invite peace and serenity into your home than with some gorgeous Violets? You may have to travel for these flowers, but they are worth it!

As we’ve previously mentioned, sending and receiving flowers has become somewhat of a lost art. To start small we think you should purchase flowers for your house first and then branch out to loved ones. Once you gain confidence with shopping for flowers and gifting them, accompany them with handwritten notes. It adds sentimental value to life.

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