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Green Juices To Get You Through The Day

Green Juices To Get You Through The Day

Green juices have been around for a long time. They’re a huge component of a well-thought-out and mindful morning. If you live a fast-paced life that involves you being present at all times, there are moments in the day that you need to take for yourself. Green juices aren’t solely the solution to a mindful morning, but they take quite a while to make. Due to the lead time you need to set time aside. The benefit of making your morning green juice is that it forces you to think about the reason you are doing it. You’re doing it because you want a good start to the day. A day in which you are putting yourself first. Read the story below for the best green juices to get you through the day.

Cucumber & Ginger

This juice is a classic. It’s a classic because of its simple ingredients and health benefits. Be careful when deciding how much ginger to use, because you can develop a slightly bitter taste. You’ll know that you’ve created the correct juice when you feel refreshed. If you taste a burning sensation in your throat add a little more cucumber juice.

Celery & Orange

The best thing about this juice is the celery. Celery is not a popular vegetable on its own. When it is made it is regularly tasteless and a poor addition to a meal. But that doesn’t mean that we have to discard celery altogether. This green juice will need to be comprised mostly of celery, which you will sweeten up with oranges. Ensure that you balance out the right amount of orange you use because you still want the juice to be green.

Pineapple, Cucumber & Lime

This green juice is an absolute triple threat. Pineapples are so exotic and succulent, that the worst part will be the preparation. But the aftertaste is delicious! The cucumber will be a large part of this juice and the lime will add a little sourness to the drink. This is because pineapples are devilishly sweet and will overpower the cucumber. To reduce the sweetness, add in some lime to balance it out. This green juice with ice is a spring treat.

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With all of these juices, they are made to be consumed raw. However, if you are new to juicing, add some natural sweeteners such as honey or agave nectar. Both are vegan-friendly and very tasty. You certainly don’t want to use sugar with any of these drinks!

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