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Bridgerton Has Made Us Fall in Love With Regency Fashion

Bridgerton Has Made Us Fall in Love With Regency Fashion

The Regency Period drama, Bridgerton, is one of the most-watched shows on Netflix. For this reason, today, we are talking about the fashion of the Regency Era in Bridgerton. Although it is not 100 per cent historically accurate, it takes on Regency Era with a modern twist.

John Glaser, one of the costume designers, when asked about the style of clothing, said, “Fashion is cyclical — everything comes back around. So, we’d have our basis to start and the more modern designer’s interpretation of it, and then we’d construct it with all that in our minds”.

What Else Was Happening in the Bridgerton Era?

The Regency Era started in 1811-1830 after King George suffered from mental health and Prince George IV Regent took over hence the name Regency Era. Fashion during the Regency Era drastically changed in just 19 years.

Indeed, there was a lot of poverty and increasing support to abolish slavery. In fact, by 1807, the act passed, so the slave trade was abolished, and the British Empire could no longer carry out the slave trade.

How Bridgerton Fashion Changed Over the Years.

There are many subsections of the Regency style, and they changed drastically over the years. However, today we are just looking at three. Undergarments, in particular, were an essential part of the style, which continued for many decades until the 1920s.


During the Georgian era, fashion was over the top with wide skirts and wide hoop dresses.

In the first episode of the first season of Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte, wife of King George, is wearing a gaudy opulent dress. This is the Robe à française, and the Queen loved it. So, she made all her staff wear similar styles despite not being in fashion anymore. For this reason, society does not consider Queen Charlotte fashionable.