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Regencycore: Back to Bridgerton

Regencycore: Back to Bridgerton

It will be no surprise that following the premiere of Bridgerton Season Two, the romantic fashion featured in the series has become a popular trend. The glitter and glamour of the eighteenth century have once again captured the fashion world’s attention. Referred to as Regencycore, the style has rocketed in popularity, becoming a viral trend. Admiration for these ornate and beautiful styles has resulted in a cascade of excitement for Bridgerton-inspired fashion in designer collections and high-street shops. 

Inspiration from the Eighteenth Century

Although the eighteenth century occurred over two hundred years ago, Bridgerton proves it is a decade from which we can draw immense inspiration. The era witnessed the popularity of elaborate fashion, many elements of which remain relevant in today’s social climate.

Over the past few years, trends have focussed on drawing inspiration from the past. The fashion industry has drawn creative insight from previous decades, specifically the 1980s and 1990s. However, the extreme success of Bridgerton has unlocked a new age, stimulating artistic experimentation in the fashion world. Regencycore, a trend capitalising on this eighteenth-century-inspired style, could not have come at a better time. Although we love the 80s and 90s, it is always refreshing to experiment with a completely new fashion era.

Despite the intricate and elaborate nature of the actual costumes in Bridgerton making them challenging to implement into one’s daily style, there are simple and stylish ways to incorporate Regencycore fashion into your looks.


A prevalent trend in its own right, corset fever has swept the globe. Taking cues from the fashion of the eighteenth century, women have reclaimed what was once a restrictive and even painful item of clothing, transforming the corset into a statement piece. Dress this gorgeous and intensely flattering style up or down. Due to their versatility, corsets work with everything from jeans to a skirt. No matter how you style a corset, they truly add that certain je-ne-sais-quoi to any outfit.

Paris fashion week in 2022 showed designers such as Dior and Schiaparelli displaying their artistic take on corsets, proving, once and for all, that corsets are not going anywhere in 2023.

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Regencycore Hairstyles

Bridgerton has also significantly impacted hair trends, specifically the obsession with elaborate hairstyles. Whether you gravitate towards fun hair accessories or prefer an ornate style to switch up your day-to-day, Bridgerton is a haven of hair inspiration.

An easy way to incorporate Regencycore fashion into your hairstyles is through accessories. The key here is to add delicate pieces such as pearl or sparkly pins to your favourite hairstyles. Immediately, any hairstyle elevates to the standards expected of a true Bridgerton beauty. For those wanting to achieve a quicker and easier Regencycore style, grab a padded headband – preferably satin or velvet – and enhance your Bridgerton-inspired aesthetic.

Bridgerton Regencycore – Here to Stay?

Eighteenth-century fashion has clearly inspired the Bridgerton costume designers and, subsequently, the show’s fans. This successful series has overtaken popular culture, highlighted through its influence on current trends. The fashion industry has fully embraced the eighteenth century, drawing immense inspiration from an era focused on developing new fashions and elaborate styles. These trends inspired by Bridgerton are perfect for those who wish to be the Diamond of the Season.

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