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AW22 Trends That Should Be On Your Radar 

AW22 Trends That Should Be On Your Radar 

With every change in season comes something equally as exciting: a change in dress code. As the temperature drops and nature’s colour palette changes, we get to emulate the changes in the season in how we dress, allowing for a refreshing and exciting time for self-expression through your wardrobe. Here is the rundown of all the AW22 trends that should be on your radar this autumn.

The Suit Vest

Suit vests have been a cultural favourite in past seasons (we can all remember that iconic Kendall Jenner outfit). However, the fashionable masses are adopting this Autumn/Winter piece as the next must-have item. Suit vests play with the trend of masculine tailoring that we have seen over the years through fashion’s obsession with blazers and suit trousers.

They can be styled as an oversized fit or cinched at the waist for a flattering silhouette. The look was a prominent feature amongst the show-goers this Copenhagen Fashion Week, and if the Scandi It Girls are wearing it, then we must too.

Vibrant Tailoring AW22 Trends

Suits are timeless. Unfortunately, suits often elicit thoughts of a neutral colour palette traditionally suitable for office wear. This season, on the other hand, designers have said no to these traditional fabrics and colours. Instead, everyone is opting for fun this season. Whether through a bold colour choice or textured fabric, tailoring is stepping away from the mundane or the expected.

This transformation follows Valentino’s hit success with its Pierpaolo Piccioli Pink collection. Male celebrities finally moved away from the classic black suit and stepped into a hot pink moment. The success of the PP Pink collection has inspired others like Alexander McQueen and Victoria Beckham. Both fashion houses have adopted the increased desire for vibrant tailoring.

Casual Corsetry

The corset has been on Gen-Z’s radar for some now thanks to TikTok trends and widespread love for Netflix’s Bridgerton. However, it seems that social media is hugely impacting high fashion designers! Cinched waists were a trendy silhouette for many runways this past season.

Corsets were everywhere. It was either extremely structured corset tops with elaborate boning or subtlety cinched minidress. However, my favourite look from this trend has to be Versace’s bold corseting in a look donned by Bella Hadid at Donatella’s AW22 show in Milan. Monochromatic, bright red, and fixed around an exposed corset, the look pulled in a unique silhouette. 

Polarising differences between the loose-fitting mini dress and the drama of the exposed corset made it such an exciting design. The dress played with these silhouettes and the contrast between unflattering and seductive elements. It sums up how I think the corsetry trend should be styled.

The Return of Preppy Styling Trends

Preppy styling is a trend that feels inherently autumnal to me, so it is no surprise that the look is returning this Autumn/Winter. Plaid miniskirts and tweed co-ords dominated catwalks this season. However, this year the classic trend is returning with a twist.

Following the likes of Olivia Rodrigo, the Prep look is getting the Pop Punk treatment. Feeding into the popularity of Y2K fashion, this season, preppy feels less Blair Waldorf and more teenage rebellion. However, if this isn’t your style, you can still partake in the classic prep look. Comparatively, you could go for a retro feel á la Miu Miu. Check out their 1960s-inspired prep look full of pleats, tights and Peter Pan collars.

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