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Late Summer Fashion – The Scandi Way

Late Summer Fashion – The Scandi Way

Scandinavian fashion trends are ones that I follow religiously, especially in the summer. The effortless looks in both neutral and colourful palettes are a constant source of inspiration for my summer wardrobe. In the transition between summer and autumn this inspiration is needed even more than usual; so here is my guide to late summer fashion – the Scandi way:


One thing that always springs to mind when I think of Scandinavian style is layering. The layering that every Scandi it-girl and Instagram model has mastered is effortless. The ease with which these girls appear to have just thrown the perfect shirt over a cropped vest top truly completes an outfit. It not only serves to elevate an outfit but also adds another layer of warmth in these transitional months. An expert at this is Sweden’s Matilda Djerf, influencer, YouTuber and owner of Djerf Avenue. Not only is Matilda an expert in effortless layering; but she has also released the perfect shirt to make this styling just as easy for the rest of us. The Djerf Avenue Breezy Shirt is a staple in her styling decisions. It makes a perfect throw-over layer to elevate an outfit as the weather gets colder.

Wide Leg Trousers:

Wide Leg Trousers in breezy materials such as linen are a staple in the Scandi it-girl wardrobe. They look simultaneously effortless and chic while allowing a return to trousers for the late-summer months. The lightweight material of wide-leg trousers means that trousers still feel summery even when the weather may not. This styling tip works perfectly with the previous trend of layering. A loose pair of trousers with a tight-fitting cropped top can be made instantly more stylish. With the simple addition of a loose-fitting or oversized shirt, this combination is suitable for the late summer. This creates a well-balanced silhouette. For example, a loose-fitting item of clothing on both the top and bottom half of the silhouette. Then break it up with a tight-fitting top like a cropped halter neck.

Loose Knits:

Loose knits are a staple for the Scandi it-girl all year round. This versatile piece is perfect for the transition between summer and autumn or even a late summer evening. Throwing an oversized knit over a summery outfit makes the late summer temperatures more manageable. It also creates an effortless mix of styles, seasons, and textures within an outfit. This creates an attention-grabbing look as instead of opting for items that were designed and made for this transition period; you are choosing to combine two extremes that play with shapes and textures in a really interesting way. The best part of this styling decision is that you can pull out your favourite knits from your winter wardrobe and wear them a few months early.

Elsa hosk wearing a beige matching knit short set the Scandi way
© IG/Elsa Hosk
Elsa hosk wearing a matching knit short set the Scandi way
© IG/Elsa Hosk

Victoria’s Secret model Elsa Hosk has perfected this look, opting for matching knit jumpers and shorts sets.

The Knit Vest:

The knit vest has been a staple in wardrobes across the world for the past couple of years. No one pulls it off like the Scandi it-girl. The Scandi styling of the knit vest can be achieved by wearing a fitted knit vest over a traditionally feminine blouse. This creates a multi-layered outfit that plays with more traditionally masculine and feminine pieces which is a Scandi styling favourite.

An image of Scandi girl Simone Moeller wearing a knit jumper over a blouse
© IG/Simone Moeller
© IG/Simone Moeller

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