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Korean Beauty: The Top K-Beauty Trends

Korean Beauty: The Top K-Beauty Trends

If you haven’t heard of K-beauty (Korean Beauty) before, you’re in for a treat. Korean beauty and skincare products are what dreams are made of. It contains high-quality formulas that aren’t just flattering but provide your skin with minerals, and give it a healthy-looking finish. Plus, they often come in cute packages that are easy to fall in love with. K-beauty set trends that aim to keep your skin healthy and youthful. Here are 5 K-beauty trends you should try this year.


BB cream

The basis of Korean beauty is a natural and healthy look that is a combination of appropriate skincare and a good blemish balm. BB creams offer coverage and a healthy glow, which brings out youthfulness even in the dullest skins. Unlike foundation, BB cream replenishes your skin as it’s packed with nourishing ingredients and UV protection, keeping it wrinkle-free.

Our top pick is Missha which comes in different shades appropriate for all skin types.

No 2.

Snail based products

Snail products are another beauty trend that will give your skin that desired dewy appearance. Packed with snail mucus that’s naturally produced from snails, they have various skin repairing effects. Whatever problem your skin is facing, chances are that snail-based products will come to the rescue. From fading acne scars and hyperpigmentation to moisturising and antiaging properties, snail mucus is a must for both skincare enthusiasts and laics. You can find it in creams, mask sheets and serums, and include it in all steps of your skincare routine.

Some brands such as Mizon have a whole series dedicated to this ingredient – our favourite is Snail Repair Intensive ampoule that will target spots and smoothen fine lines.

No 3.

Mirror skin

For those of you who know of Korea as a country that values nourished skin above all, this trend won’t come as a surprise. Mirror skin is exactly what it sounds like. Skin that resembles a mirror because of its reflective qualities that are a result of a good skincare regimen. Yes, this look has little to do with makeup and everything to do with a healthy radiance. The key to a natural glow is cleansing and using products that both moisturize and lighten the skin. While this effect can be achieved with all skin types, it’s important to choose products that suit your needs. For example, if your skin is dry you don’t want to use anything that’s too harsh and does more harm than good.

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An image of skincare creams helpful in staying hydrated.

No 4.

Face massage

Even though face massages have been a part of the Korean skincare routine for years, it’s a trend that regrettably didn’t stay long on the western world’s radar. With a face massage, you can kill three birds with one stone. Firstly you can relax facial muscles, secondly, you promote healthy skin, and lastly, it prevents wrinkles. While we’re used to anti-wrinkle creams that target the age group 30 and above, in East Asian countries anti-wrinkle regimen starts as early as in teenage years. The focus is on prevention, not treatment. Even if ageing isn’t your concern, it’s a great addition to your self-care routine.

No 5.


This trend was started by a popular Korean singer Jennie from Blackpink, and we are living for it! While Korea used to favour glowy porcelain skin, in 2021 it’s all about the blush. Of course, a youthful appearance is still the most desired. Choose warm colours such as baby pink or peachy pink for an even more innocent and vibrant look. One of the brands to try is Etude House which prides itself in helping you achieve a natural-looking glow.

Pro tip: apply the blush all the way from the corner of your eye to your cheeks.

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