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Lip Glosses Stealing The Show This Year That You Need To Try

Lip Glosses Stealing The Show This Year That You Need To Try

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While you might find lip gloss synonymous with hair sticking to your lips, the makeup bag essential has come a long way from having a heavy and unpleasant texture. Lip glosses now contain pigmented formulas, nourishing ingredients and the perfect level of shine and silkiness. If you’re not familiar with these glosses below, be sure to check them out and make them your go-to glosses!


With long-lasting effects and a light texture, Glossier puts to shame lip glosses we knew in the 90s. It doesn’t only deliver a youthful look, but it also makes sure your lips stay soft and well-nourished. It contains jojoba oil, which is a great moisturizer and vitamin E that prevents wrinkles. The perfect combination of glamour and practicality. Choose from four gorgeous shades to achieve a silky, glossy finish.


Lip Lifter Gloss With Hyaluronic Acid

Maybelline strives to meet the expectations of this season by flattering all-skin tones with 10 varying and hydrating formulas. It gets rid of the stickiness and emphasizes everything we love lip glosses for. The gloss comes at an affordable price that envisages plumped shiny lips and a delicious vanilla scent. Additionally, it’s enhanced with hyaluronic acid that keeps your lips well lubricated and soft.

Charlotte Tilbury

Collagen Lip Bath Gloss

This gem achieves a firm and plumper appearance thanks to the collagen formula and mustard sprout extract that both hydrate and define the lips contour. The lip gloss comes in five stunning shades with just the right amount of pigment. From Refresh Rose to Walk of No Shame, it gives you a glamorous look and an instant confidence boost. Get ready for an enhanced Instagram-like filter and healthy glow.

Marc Jacobs

Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer Lipgloss

Even though it’s more on the pricey side, it’s definitely a good investment if you’re going for maximum colour and shine. The enamoured lip collection comes in an array of richly pigmented shades that have a glittery tint which is perfect to bring out confidence and chic. From dreamy pink to mature brown, everyone will find their perfect shade. This lip gloss is everything you need to give your lips a sensual, ultra-glossy look plus, it has a refreshing mint scent.

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Lip Glow Oil

Meet Dior’s Lip Glow oil. A cross between a nourishing oil and a look enhancing lip gloss. It contains “colour reviver” technology that creates a custom colour based on your lips pH balance. Essentially, you don’t know exactly what colour you’re going to get but you can be sure the oil is designed to highlight your features. The formula is also enriched with cherry oil that prevents drying and wrinkles – just enough to pamper yourself and look great in the process. A perfect combination of comfort and shine.


Juicy Tubes

Just when we thought the lip gloss upgrade couldn’t get any better, here comes Lancome directly inviting nostalgia of our younger years with its tube design. The creators made sure it celebrates the 90s formula without the heavy stickiness. It offers ultra-glossy and hydrating consistency, with a selection of shades in quirky names (Miracle, Hallucination, and Spring Fling). The only con is its yummy flavour! You may need a strong will to stop licking your lips.

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