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Body Care: The Game Changers

Body Care: The Game Changers

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In the world of beauty products, there tends to be a category that gets broadly overlooked. Body care seems to have far less pull than makeup, skin, and hair products do. That’s a real shame. Finding the body care products that work best for you can massively brighten up your everyday beauty routine. And there are a few on the market that just seems to stand out.

All Rounders

The Emulsion Shower Gel is one of these products. What’s absolutely ingenious about this is you can customize it to fit your needs. Choose a scent – and choose how strongly scented you want it to be. For those with sensitive skins (or noses), you can also use it solo for a no-frills wash. I also love the Emulsion Cream Scrub Base, which follows the same idea. Fragrance-free – but you can give it any scent you like.

I’m also a huge fan of bar soap for showering with, and my ultimate favourite is the Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Exfoliating Soap. This is the epitome of a two-in-one, as it’s filled with little scrubby particles that exfoliate as you wash. I find it also seems to stimulate blood flow to my skin in the manner of a body brush.

If you like the idea of chemically exfoliating your body instead, I love the Mario Badescu AHA Botanical Soap. It feels gentle and smells light and fresh, but definitely helps with areas of flakiness or dull skin.

For dry skin, I highly recommend the Glossier Body Hero Oil Body Wash. Not only does this smell of delicious neroli, but it suds up to the most luxuriously creamy foam on the market. Pro tip – using this and one of the Hello Estrid razors will get you the smoothest feeling legs you ever thought possible.

For bath time, I’m absolutely obsessed with the Frank Body In Your Dreams Sleep Scrub and Soak. Can you tell I love a two-in-one? This dissolves in the tub to give your bath a spa-like effect, but can also be buffed into the skin for a delightfully stimulating scrub.


After washing, it’s super important to moisturize. The Gallinee Body Milk is a great all-rounder – lightweight but moisturizing, and with a super pleasant, light scent. And there’s always a place in my heart (and my bathroom cabinet) for the Kiehls Creme De Corps. This is a thicker cream that’s amazing for really worn out, dry, or even sensitive-feeling bods.

If you suffer from blocked pores on your body, though, I’d instead recommend the CeraVe SA Smoothing Body Cream. This is incredible at both exfoliating and adding hydration. It’s particularly great for the tops of the arms, where keratosis pilaris can take hold. 

For uber-dry patches (particularly the feet, hands, and elbows) a little dab of Weleda Skin Food is incredible, It’s very thick and slightly greasy, so better applied at night, but it works wonders on all types of dryness and texture. For the daytime, I’d recommend something like the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Body Gel Cream, which is intense on hydration but incredibly lightweight in feel. It almost has the texture of a hydrating serum, making it great for the absorption rate.

I’m also partial to body oil to help keep my skin glowing. By night, the This Works Deep Sleep Night Oil not only hydrates and adds luminosity, but it also has a particular scent that sends you peacefully off to the land of nod. For the day, the Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse adds a noticeable glow to the skin, but feels non-greasy and absorbs fast. 

Tanning & Deodorants

For tanning, the Isle of Paradise Tanning Water is pretty miraculous. If you’re nervous about tanning at home, it’s basically foolproof, never streaking or staining, and just giving a wash of colour. I like to top up with the amazingly bargainous Garnier Summer Body in between uses. And to protect your body from getting any actual tan, the Vichy Solar Water Sun Protection is the most lightweight and easy to apply body SPF I’ve ever used.

My final, non-glamorous recommendation for body care is the Malin & Goetz Deodorant. If you want to try a more natural deodorant, but are struggling to find one which actually works, then look no further. The Eucalyptus scent, in particular, keeps pits feeling (and smelling) fresh all day long, which is all you can really ask for.

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